How do You Take Care of a Bouquet of Lilies?

The lily bouquet is always looked really stunning. That is why a lot of consumers order this kind of bouquet from a florist. You may also want to give a bouquet of lily for several moments. It can be wrapped in beautiful artsy paper and decorated nicely to make it look even more special.

The question is what will you do after getting a bouquet of lily flowers? Since this flower is so pretty, most of you maybe want to take care of it. It will be really happy if you can see the flowers blooming every day.

If you want to take care of this bouquet, several ways must be considered. There are some tips that you need to know about taking care of a lily bouquet. Actually, the steps are so simple and you can do it on your own at home.

Cut the Stems

Have you ever seen a flower bud was cut diagonally? Maybe you will think that it is for the aesthetic reason. It is true, but that is not the only reason for it. Cut a flower stem diagonally has an essential benefit for the flower itself.

By doing that thing in your lily bouquet, the stem will absorb more water than you add into a vas. It is important to maintain the freshness of your lilies. That is why; you can cut the stem diagonally at least 1 cm every day.

When you cut the stem, don’t forget to cut the broken leaves too. It is because sometimes you will find the dry leaves around the flowers. This treatment will make the look of your lilies flowers are more beautiful to see. What a perfect decoration!

Add the Extra Nutrition

The healthy lily bouquet can be seen from the flowers. Usually, the sign is when the flowers are perfectly blooming. To make it blooms, you can add extra nutrition specially made for flowers. It means that they don’t only add the water in a vas.

Nutrition is like food for the lilies or other flowers. In this case, you can ask the florist about the proper nutrition that can be used. They will give some references for it. It is because most of the florists will add nutrition for their flowers too.

Besides making your lilies are healthier, that extra nutrition will protect the flowers from bacteria. It means that the flower can bloom longer. You will have more time to enjoy those flowers at home, office, and etc. Place it in an aesthetic vas and it will be great.

Fill the Vas with Warm Water

You must know that the most important key to making the lily bouquet blooms is the water temperature. It is not recommended to add the cold water or even the hot water into the vas. To replace it, you can use warm water.

Besides the temperature, you have to pay attention to the amount of water. Filling too much water is not good. It will make the flower spoil quickly. Although water helps the flower to bloom, it must be at the right amount and temperature.

The right way to do it is by adding some water. Several days or maybe hours after that, you can add with the new water when it is reduced. It means that the flowers have absorbed the water. It will make the lilies always fresh and healthy.

Place in the Right Location

Just like other flowers, the lily bouquet also needs the sun shines to grow. However, it is not recommended to place it under direct sunlight. It is more recommended to place the lilies in a warm place or area.

That area must be warmed because of the sun. Please ensure that it is not exposed by straight sunshine. The warm temperature in a medium level will make your lilies always bloom perfectly. You have to note this tip.

It seems that you need more effort to take care of this bouquet. But no worries, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. The most important thing is that you need to be consistent. The right treatment for your lily bouquet will make you don’t need to always buy the new one.