How good are standing desks? Find all details here!

You may have heard of standing desks from many professionals. There are available studies that talk of the detrimental impact of sitting for long hours at the workplace. Health experts usually recommend taking breaks between work hours, but that’s often not practical for many of us. A standing desk is basically a desk that can be adjusted for height, so you can sit and stand at will. Standing always burns more calories, and you will find that the overall pressure on your spine and back has considerably reduced. Something like PrimeCables electric standing desk cost less than $300, and this could be an apt investment for your home or office. In this post, we are sharing all you must know before you get a standing desk!

Finding a good standing desk

The eventual advantages and benefits of a standing desk depend on the product you buy. There are various kinds of models in the market, including ones that can be mounted on your existing executive desk. We strongly suggest that you go for an electric standing desk, which allows you to move between positions seamlessly, often at the push or touch of a button. While manual standing desks are inexpensive, you may end up wasting valuable time at work in the adjustments. 

How much do standing desks cost?

Electric variants are more expensive for obvious reasons. You can expect a good standing desk to cost somewhere around $300 or more. The better ones can cost as much as $500, but this may not include a tabletop. Remember that a standing desk needs to be durable enough to hold the tabletop in place and everything on top of it. If you intend to place two PCs or laptops, or your worktable is usually crowded, consider the weight capacity of the product as one of the first considerations. 

Shop online for good offers

For the best deals, offers and discounts on electric standing desks, check online stores. Many of them have their own range of proprietary products in the market, which cost less and have similar features and warranty. With electric standing desks, you can expect a warranty of at least six months, but do check the features and if the product needs assembly by a professional.

 Think of standing desks as an investment for your workspace, and you wouldn’t mind spending more on something that you like. Shortlist a few options now!