How Kesari Changed the Scenario of Travelling For Indians?

Like other nationalities, Indians love travelling, too. Most of them liked planning their trips on their own due to the fear of being fooled by travel agents. There were not many options to choose from; however, with the Kesari company setting its foot in the travel industry, the scenario took a complete u-turn. Now, more Indians prefer planning their travel through Kesari tours. It includes no hassles, and you can rest assured that everything will be managed and you only have to pay the price. 

Kesari tours private limited has changed travelling scenes for those residing in India, and let us take a look at how it was possible for them.

  • Wide Range Of Tour Packages

Kesari tours offer a wide range of packages to choose from according to the needs and preferences of the traveller/travellers. You can pick destinations not only from within the country but across the world as a whole. This company also provides you with the liberty to select from the type of trip it will be, whether a family vacation, a short trip, or a romantic getaway.

  • Professional Services

When you travel with Kesari tours, you will love the quality and want to come back for their professionalism. All the associates, tour leaders are well-briefed to give you the best of your travel experience. They will also ensure no hassle that you have to face during any part of the journey.

  • Special Package Available For Women

It provides a ladies tour package known as ‘My Fair Lady,’ which ensures that an all-women vacation is served at its best, with safety and security. This offering by Kesari tours has been quite popular among avid travellers in the country.

  • Modifies According To Changing Demands

Being aware of India’s diverse cultural nature, Kesari tours has been adaptive to the changing demands to provide the most pleasing experience to its vast customers across the country. It has utilized digitization to its maximum advantage and has brought its services closer to people and on their phones.

  • Fits Different Age Groups

Kesari tours have been quite apt in understanding its target travellers, which are the young adults. Hence, they have designed several types of travel schemes suiting their needs, such as alone trips, vacation with friends, an excursion from school, etc.

  • Affordable Prices

The best part about planning your trip with Kesari tours is that all its packages are available at affordable prices according to the lifestyle and places of the customers’ visit. You can book your stay from as low as three days to 40 days according to the destination of your choice.


When you have such exciting services at your disposal, who wouldn’t want to travel the world, isn’t it? Kesari tours have made it look so simple. So, now you know how they have changed the Indian travelling scenario. We hope we have helped you understand where to look when you want to visit any destination with your loved ones.