How Locks Can Prevent Odds of Home Burglary

Door locks aim to provide enhanced protection for everyone living in the house and the property itself. Nonetheless, some intruders can still break the locks and commit crimes within the vicinity of your property, especially if your door locks are easy to open. Some intruders and burglars can also break into a property because of its structure, condition, and location.

Odds of Home Break-in 

Burglary attempts are possible in any property, though some conditions entice burglars to invade some houses more than other properties. For example, a property located on a corner has higher chances of break-ins because it offers more visibility and accessibility to anyone. Houses near a wooded area or on a through street are also subject to burglary and theft attempts. People living in a wealthy neighborhood should also fortify security for their family and house to prevent such crimes since criminals tend to invade the said locality.

Installing High-quality Locks to Prevent Burglary

Almost everyone installs doorknob locks on every exterior door of their properties. These locks come with a keypad lock cylinder placed on the outer surface. Burglars find these locks easy to open because they can either pick them or break the door handle using a hammer or other similar object.

Fortunately, you can pair up many lock options with these locks to prevent burglary attempts. Installing deadbolts with these locks can be one of the best examples since they can extend to the doorframe from the door when you turn the lock. However, a door lock with a deadbolt is still accessible if the door is near the window.

Similarly, you can also install other door locks alongside the existing doorknob locks to benefit from added security. Keypad locks can be an excellent device that is only accessible with the correct code. They are modern and technologically advanced and can best work with your doorknob locks. If you want more tips on preventing home burglary, contact professional locksmiths at