How Much Should You Pay For A Mold Removal Service?

If you detect mold in your home, you need to respond to it right away. The longer you wait, the more it will spread to other areas. And the faster you respond, the lower will be your removal costs since the mold will have not caused a lot of damage.

Speaking of mold removal costs, how much should you pay for a mold remediation service? Well, it depends on a wide range of factors, including:

  1. Type of Mold to be removed

Toxic black mold is difficult to remove as more sophisticated equipment is needed. A lot of precautions must also be taken than when removing other types of molds like white or pink molds. For instance, the mold removal experts will need gloves, hair covers, shoe covers, and breathing equipment. Accordingly, if you have black mold in your home, you should be prepared to pay more for their removal.

  1. Location

Mold removal costs depend on where you live. Mold remediation services in rural settings tend to cheaper than those in urban areas—mostly due to differences in standards of living and the laws of supply and demand. How much you may be required to pay for mold remediation service in California, for instance, might be different from what you are likely to be charged in the Greater Boston area.

  1. Extent of Damage

The extent of mold damage in your home will often determine the amount of work required to completely eliminate the mold. If the mold has not spread, it will be easier to clean. Additionally, if it is on non-porous surfaces like metal and glass, managing it will be easier.

 On the flip side, if the mold has infected porous materials like carpet, concrete, wood, or drywall that may need to be removed or disposed of, then more manpower, equipment, and effort is needed to clear them. And if the mold was caused by flooding from contaminated water, more sophisticated equipment will be required to contain the situation. All these factors will increase the price that you pay.

  1. Size Of Your Home

Closely related to the extent of damage is the size of your home. Tools like air sterilizer can only clear mold spores within a certain range. So, if you have a bigger home, multiple sterilizers may be needed or other removal methods may be adopted, escalating what you need to pay in the end.

  1. The Mold Removal Company That You Hire

Mold remediation companies charge varying rates. Some companies have a reputation for employing more qualified mold experts while others also handle repairs of wall damage and leaking roofs besides mold remediation. By hiring such companies, you have to pay more than hiring a company that’s just starting. What’s more, if you want a company to test for molds, eliminate them, and do a few repairs, you should be ready to pay a different price package.

Hopefully, now you understand what is likely to impact the price that you pay for a mold removal service. Remember that you can only get high-quality service by hiring a reputable company, so never base your decision on the price alone.