How Much Space Do You Need From A Self Storage Unit?

If you’re considering a cheap self storage unit but you don’t know which size you need, this article will help. 

A self storage unit can be extremely useful for storing items for domestic or business use. 

Although it is relatively straightforward getting a flexible contract with a cheap self storage facility, it isn’t always easy to know which size unit you actually need. 

The easiest way to estimate the amount of space you need for self storage is to say the space the items already take up. So if you are storing the contents of an entire 3 bed bungalow, or one bed flat, the self storage facility can give you a rough estimate based on that information. 

If you aren’t storing a full property, then the next thing you can do is list the largest items you need to store. They will take up the bulk of the space, so they need to be considered first. Consider whether or not those items can be taken apart or do they have to be stored full size. 

It is also important to think about how easily stored your items are. For example: a solid divan bed frame can usually be taken apart and stacked in two, with other items placed on top. A motorbike however, takes up the full space it is in and it cannot be stacked, or have anything stacked on it. 

With the rest of your items, it is a good idea to try and consider them as boxes. So, perhaps one wardrobe is three large packing boxes. Your kitchen pans might be another large box, and your crockery and cups another large box. This helps you then have a rough idea of the amount of boxes you have. 

At this stage you can then get a rough quote over the phone from a self storage facility or, see if they will come out to you to give you a quote. They may also have removals services to help you get your items into the self storage unit. In some instances a self storage facility can pack your items for you and take them to your storage unit, although you should include the extra costs of this in your budget if you’re looking for inexpensive self storage

If you do happen to choose a unit that is too small for what you need, most facilities will allow you to switch to a larger space if they have one available. Look for contracts with a range of reasonable price storage options so can often be amended and changed week on week. 

Speak To Your Local Self Storage Facility Today

If you are interested in self storage it is a good idea to speak to your local facility about your needs. They have a lot of experience working with customers just like you, learning to understand their needs and offer you the most suitable product. Lockers can be as small as a gym locker and as big as a football field so there will be a space that’s right for you. The first step is asking, so you can get your belongings safely and securely stored in cheap self storage soon, for great peace of mind your belongings will be safe until you next need them.