How often should a car be washed?

The frequency of washing a car is very relative since the climate and the level of dirt are very variable factors depending on the areas where you drive. Dust, pollen, mud, marine weather, are all elements to be considered. However, it is estimated that an acceptable average is about 15 days between washing.

A very long period between washings can cause agents that are harmful to the paintwork to end up ruining the car’s aesthetics. On the other hand, very frequent washing causes the same toxic effect, since cleaning chemicals are also harmful agents if abused.

Step by step of washing the outside of a car

  • The first thing to do is to remove the surface dirt with the help of water pressure.
  • Then, add the car shampoo and spread it gently over all the areas with the help of a sponge or microfiber. For rims and plastics, it is recommended to use the specific products for each material and be careful not to confuse or mix them up.
  • Afterward, rinse and repeat the shampoo in areas that you think need a touch-up. This is because no residue should remain for the waxing.
  • Once the car is immaculate, you can dry it with clean microfiber cloths. Never use cloths designed for cleaning other surfaces, because you could be damaging the car’s paintwork.
  • Once the washing and drying process is done, it is advisable to protect the paintwork from being exposed by applying wax.

Cleaning the interior of the car

  • The first thing that is recommended is to start with the carpets, the floor, and the small spaces between the seats and the doors. To do this, you can start with a deep suction and complement it with an air compressor.
  • If the mats are made of rubber, you can wash them with a brush, water, and soap, and then rinse them with a pressure hose.
  • Then clean the heating and air conditioning ducts.
  • Use a mixture of soap and water to clean the dashboard and all interior plastics in the car.
  • With the same mixture as above or with a specialized product, you can clean the vehicle’s interior windows.
  • Then comes the cleaning of the upholstery, for which it is recommended to use dry foam or upholstery soap, which helps remove stains and removes dirt and impregnated dust.
  • Once the plastics are dry, you can apply silicone, which will help protect them and enhance their shine.
  • Finally, you can use some scent to make your car smell like new.

Tips for the care of your car’s paint

If you want to protect the paintwork of your car, it is advisable to use the right quality products that have been created for this function. Most of the cleaning products are abrasive and have an acid or alkaline PH, but you must consider that the car paint needs products with a neutral PH and a soft composition to last in time.

According to, water pressure is essential since it will allow you to remove most of the dirt without having to touch the car. In this case, it is advisable to use a small hydro washing machine.

Fabric products should be used exclusively for each surface; this way, you will avoid spreading the most reliable chemicals to the most delicate areas.