How To Become A FPS Game Tester: A Comprehensive Guide

Suppose you are a hard-core First Person Shooter (FPS) gamer who invests most of your time in playing multiplayer games and wants to build a career in games. This article will tell you how you can make a career by becoming an FPS game tester. So let’s get started.

The FPS game testers ensure by playing the game that it runs smoothly, has good UI/UX, and is good for the targeted audience. Continue reading this short article to learn about the skills, Job requirements, and best game testing practices to build up your career as an FPS game tester.

Skills Required 

    • Technical Expertise

To build up your career as an FPS game tester, you need to have good knowledge about the technical things like hardware and software of online shooting games. Furthermore, you should also know to catch the potential challenges of that game and the bugs in it.  

It would help if you understood gaming devices like PC, consoles, and VR. Additionally, if you have some programming and game engine knowledge, it would be good for you. 

  • Communication and Teamwork

The FPS game testers have to work with many developers and also have to work in teams; hence having excellent communication skills is very important. You need to be clear and concise with your words so that you better explain the issues you are having with the shooter games and also be able to provide them with a detailed report of the bugs and challenges in the fun. If you are a team player, then it’s an add-on to being a game tester. You have to collaborate with the audience and many other gaming enthusiasts to check the quality of the games. 

  • Attention to Detail

Being an FPS gaming tester, you must also be particular with every detail of the games. Hence keen eye for detail is highly important to spot glitches and bugs in the fun. You have to think beyond what others can think about to catch the possible challenges of that game. 

Job Requirements

  • Educational Background

As such, there is no specific degree requirement to become an FPS game tester, but if you have a degree in computer science or graphic designing and are good with computer languages will be beneficial. Some big companies will also look for your experience or certificates in the same field. Hence, it is advised to join crash courses in the gaming field. 

  • Experience and Qualifications

Same as to educational background, there is no specific requirement of experience and qualifications for becoming an FPS gaming tester. Still, doing some internships in the same field is advised to help you stand out from the rest. It will be counted as your experience as you grow up, and you can earn good easily. 

  • Personal Traits

To become successful in any career, it is very important to be passionate about it. Same as that; you have to be passionate about games. You also have to work on some traits, like being consistent and patient, as you might have to repeatedly work on the same game. 

Facing rejection is also very common here. Hence you should also know how to work under pressure and accept sacrifices. All these traits help you to become a successful FPS game tester. 

Happy Gaming!!!