How to become eligible for jee mains

If you are considering to pursue a career in engineering or any technical studies later it is important that you get your jee main admit card. The Joint Entrance Examination- Main, is an eligibility criterion of the indian educational system to formerly admit any student to some of the best engineering and technical colleges of the country. And if you need some guidance on how to become eligible for these JEE mains, then here is a complete information you require.

  • You should be an Indian student or have an Indian degree — The very first criteria for any student to be eligible for the JEE Main admit card is to be an Indian. Even if you are not an Indian citizen, you can still apply for these examinations by getting a degree from some Indian institution. Ensure you are fulfilling one of the above two criteria to become eligible for JEE Mains.
  • You should have a 10+2 degree — Passing your 10th and 12th examinations is another criteria that every jee inspired student should fulfilled. It is a pawn you whether you have chosen any college for your further studies or are continuing from your school itself for the HSC Boards, but without this certificate, you cannot be eligible for the JEE Mains examination. 
  • You should acquire the State Board Code for different States exams —Your eligibility will be determined by the state code from which you passed the qualifying exam. Also, if you have passed the NIOS 12th class exam or an exam that is equivalent , then you should select the state in which you are eligible based on the location of the study centre. This is essential criterion without which you won’t be eligible for getting the JEE Main admit card.
  • The required percentage of marks — To get the JEE main admit card, you should pass your HSC boards or an equivalent exam with minimum of 75% marks.
  • Subject Combinations for admissions—  To be eligible for admission through NTA JEE Main 2023 into NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs, you must have passed the prerequisite exam. 
  1. B.Tech/B.E. : Physics, Math, and one other subject, such as Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, or Technical Vocational subjects, are required. 
  2. Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for B.Arch. 
  3. B.Planning:  you must have successfully completed the qualifying exam in the area of math.
  • JEE Main Requirements for Droppers  — According to the JEE Main 2023 qualifying requirements, there is no age restriction for droppers in JEE Mains. You must have successfully completed your class 12 examination two years prior. 

For the JEE Main exam, you can attempt it three consecutive times and for that, it is mandatory for you to achieve a JEE Main 2023 qualifying score, at the very least. You are expected to take at least 5 subjects for the qualifying test or class 12 (Physics, Chemistry, & Mathematics are mandatory).

Hope this blog helped you understand the eligibility criteria for JEE mains.