How to Choose a Solar Battery Backup System for Your Home

One of the most brilliant inventions in today’s date is a solar panel. It allows you to generate your own electricity so you can use it for different purposes. Instead of relying on any third-party contractor who supplies you this energy, it is better you generate your own by having a solar panel in the backyard of your house.

There are many benefits of having a solar panel and these benefits include no elevating rates, reliable energy, and the fact that you can even use this energy and supply it to others and charge them for the service.

It is one time investment and once it is done, you do not have to pay every once in a while to avail the service. In fact it serves you for the rest of your life. The reason why it is so amazing is because its maintenance gets done automatically by the sun rays placing hits on it. So what it means is, the same source of energy it uses to generate the electricity, it also uses that for availing maintenance service from it.

The battery it has in the back of it stores the sun energy and it serves the solar panel with the energy for the production of electricity when required.

This home battery backup system is like a back-bone to any solar panel and therefore, it is important we learn about the important points that help us choose the right battery system for our solar panel.

Charging Options

So there are at least two charging options you can go for but before we learn about that, it is important we understand our need for a battery backup system. Do you need a solar panel that relies exclusively on a battery backup system and runs all day long? If this is what the case is then you need a battery backup system that stays tied with the solar panel for the purpose of serving it as a backup every time, ensuring its charge-level is on top.

In other cases, you can just have a battery backup system that stays attached to the grid of the solar panel and since you know you will not have the need to use it every single time it is certain it does not have to stay charged fully every single time.

Referring to the first option, it is although not a very good practice to rely on a battery backup system all the time – but if you do just make sure you know that when it runs out, then you really have nothing else to provide you the energy anymore and hence, it is recommended you keep your management organized when it comes to using solar panel and other important things associated with it.

Battery Capacity and Power

How much of a kWh a battery can store in it? It depends on the limit of it.

When choosing a battery backup system it is important we know how much energy can it store as later it serves the solar panel with the required energy whenever its tank runs out.

Depth of Discharge

There are two levels of discharge to a battery. One is when it shows the battery has been reduced to a certain level and when that level goes down too, some of the charge is still left and this is what depth of discharge is associated with.

Depth of discharge refers to the maximum limit a battery system can remain alive until. It is not a good practice to keep bringing the battery on its final levels. Therefore to make sure the consumers know this, the manufacturers make sure they have these features available and integrated in the battery backup system to indicate consumers of the depth of discharge when required so they know when to stop using it again.


Also decide wisely about which material battery should you go for? Understand the type of battery and see if it is lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries. Nowadays a few of the new ones such as zinc-air and flow are also being introduced in the market.

But the lithium-ion remains on top and therefore when it comes to choosing the material it is recommended you go for the lithium-ion.

Know the Manufacturer

It depends on the region where you are in but before finally choosing the battery system, make sure the manufacturer you go for is reviewed highly on popular platforms such as Google and their official brand page. This tells a lot about what they are delivering and what people think of their product after they have used it.

Final Thoughts

Solar panels are really helpful and can serve us in many ways, however, the sole purpose for this article was to help you understand the value of one of the most crucial things that makes a solar panel powerful and serving to the people and that is a battery backup system. We learned in this article about the important points to keep in mind whenever looking to choose a battery backup system for your solar panel.