How to Choose the Best Adult Websites (Tricks and Hacks!)

I recently bumped into one of my friends. I asked him about his New Year resolution. He passionately replied, “I want to make money friends. I have been poor throughout 2016. Do you have any advice?” I gave him some solicited advice- Start your adult website. He seemed amused by the idea of starting an adult site and he inquired regarding the details. While I shared my insights with him, I would like to share the same insights with you all readers.

Choosing a domain name for your new top cam sites is a very important and crucial matter and should give it some time to think. It is just like giving a name to your newborn baby, no matter what you choose, it will stick around your child throughout their entire lives.

There is no doubt that you can change the name of the domain of your website, but you have to work again for your search result ranking and it can take you quite some time in getting some visitors. If you are a porn lover, you will find any ideas of naming your website.

In this article, we are going to talk about some important techniques of how you can start your porn website.

Choose a short and catchy name:

You have to try and find out a domain name that is short as it can be so that the searcher can avoid misspelling it while typing. Yeah, something like Pornhub is quite good, but if you are willing to choose something like FreePornVideos, then it can be quite difficult for the searcher to type or even remember.

I think you should not choose a domain that contains more than three words. If you use too many keywords in your name, it will raise a red flag for Google. Do not overdo it.

Choose a name that is easy to remember and type:

It should be easy to remember and catchy so if someone does not bookmark the website, he will just type in your site name into the search bar. Who will remember a name like FreePorn11002? I bet not too many people. So, it is really important to have a memorable domain.

Use good keywords for SEO:

Of course, you should use google keyword research tools to find out which keyword can lead you to get some more and more traffic. The trick with long keys is that you need to do competitive analysis on a domain name before developing it. If no short keyword related names are available – choose something neutral, easy to remember, and easily brandable.

Adam4Adam, Manhunt, Older4me, Cruisingforsex, Squirt, Recon, TheHun, PersianKitty, PlentyofFish, Amazon, MySpace, Facebook, Drudge, HuffingtonPost et cetera, all very successful sites without many keywords in their names.

I will suggest you choose one or a maximum of two keywords for your domain name so that it can be catchy, easy to remember and type, as well as brandable. You should explore SEO before naming your domain. It is quite easy and better to pick a domain name that is brandable and easy to remember, if you are willing to create a high-quality site that searchers can remember and type in. Moreover, you are willing to target the higher traffic and SE results, than you should go with the long-tail keywords.

Remember, content is still king in SEO. The number of quality backlinks is still the queen, so if you go with the brandable name, you also can succeed.

Avoid other characters like hyphens:

It can still vote for hyphenated names like it is dependent on what is looking for the target. If you are looking for a domain that has keywords, then even the dashes are fine from the point of view of SEO. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to establishing a brand, then I will vote for short, catchy, and a domain that does not contain hyphens. The hyphenated name is more to protect from someone else registering it and benefiting from SEO. So, I would register both types of domains.

Choose .com if possible:

Instead of choosing something stupid, choose one of the main TLDs like .com, .into, .org, or maybe .net. Always check for other TLDs if they are registered. If you find a solid website that is registered with a .com or .net extension I would avoid using the same name because there is a chance that you may lose your customers to them.

I prefer using non hyphenated .com domains, but if you can brand a .tv domain you can succeed with it nicely. Yes, the number of .com domains available is shrinking daily, but I think if you think outside of the box you can still get some good ones. What were you looking for? A muscle or stud type of domain name? Let us know so we can spin up some suggestions.

Name of your website and contents should be relevant:

Let’s say you have a site that features some skinny young boys, so you cannot get a domain like HunkDudes. Moreover, if your website contains porn videos of teenagers, you cannot name your website “”. Your name suggests something different, so no reason to mislead anyone. Many sites make the same mistake and I am sure their viewers are not happy about it. And if you are not willing to post content according to your name, then there are high chances that Google will lower your rank immediately. So, stay relevant to your course. Make sure it is highly relevant to your niche.

Do not use Trademark infringements:

It is very important. You cannot use any trademarked names in any part of your domain name. You are not allowed to register a name like pornhubvideos or xhamsterxxx. Do not do it, because your domain will be seized.

Is it helpful to buy an old domain?

It can be a big factor in Google but having an old domain age would not guarantee a good ranking. If the domain has been active and trusted for a long time that counts for a lot. If it has just been registered but inactive – then it is useless to purchase such a domain name.