How To Choose The Best CBD Vape Oil And How To Consume The Vape Juice Properly

Thanks to the advancement of medical technology, researchers and scientists can continuously find ways to treat different conditions. One of the most recent breakthroughs in the field is the proven medicinal value of cannabidiol — which can be used to treat patients with anxiety and depression. This can be consumed in different ways, and one of which is through vaping CBD oil.

Through this article, we are giving you the best tips on how to choose the best CBD Vape Oil and how to consume it properly.

How to Choose and Use the Best CBD Oil

With vaping maximising the bio-availability of CBD, it comes as no surprise why more and more companies are manufacturing the so-called e-juice. This CBD oil, made up of food-grade ingredients, is generally considered to be safe to consume. However, it is important to take note that not all CBD oils can be vaped.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best CBD oil for vaping:

Know your dosage. The first step is knowing how much dosage you would need and determining the strength of your CBD content. These can be determined through several factors such as your body chemistry and your body weight. The severity of your health condition is also a crucial factor.

Verify that your oil is properly tested. If not properly tested and reviewed, a CBD Vape oil can cause harm to your body as it may contain dangerous substances. When choosing your oil, verify first if it is duly tested. Typically, brands make it a point that the results of their laboratory tests are available to the public.

Determine which device best suits you. Apart from disposable electronic cigarettes, there are different cost-effective ways wherein you can consume your vape oil. We have listed them down and below, together with the ways on how to consume oil through them:

Oil cartridge. This slim cylindrical vape can hold 0.5 to 1mL of vape oil. Powered by an e-cigarette battery, this can be turned on by clicking the power button five times. The same butting should be pressed while inhaling. Each puff should have an interval of five to 10 minutes. Start with small puffs and observe first how the oil affects you before going to larger puffs.

Pod. Similar to cartridges, pods are more modern in a sense — it can be powered by a small battery. This device is used the same way that a cartridge can be used. Just bear in mind that you should start slowly and work your way up to the optimal dose so as not to overwhelm your body.

Vape pen. Another popular option, this rechargeable pen is used by filling it up with your CBD vape juice of choice. It is composed of a cylindrical battery that can be attached to a vape tank. It works the same way as pods and cartridges, only that its airflow can be adjusted to your preferred setting. If you go for this device, make sure to clean your tank regularly.