How to Choose the Perfect Cooling Blanket

When buying anything, you need to put a few things into considerations. To get the best memory foam mattress, you need to consider comfort and support among other important things. To get the best cooling blanket, you need to consider the features and some few other elements. Sometimes it’s all about personal requirements because what’s best for you might be bad for the other person.

If you are out shopping for a cooling blanket, this article shares helpful tips so you can make an informed decision.

But before we get into the tips…

What Is A Cooling Blanket?

A study by the Washington Post suggests that 80% of people enjoy good sleep during cooler seasons. During the night, temperatures are usually lower but when you are in a hot environment, you might not get a good night’s sleep. That’s where cooling blankets become useful. These blankets are made from breathable materials that do not retain heat thus allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Benefits of Using a Cooling Blanket

There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy when you use cooling blankets and they include:

  • Good night’s sleep– It’s not easy to get better quality sleep when your body temperature continues to go up. With the best mattress for hot sleepers or a cooling blanket, you can ease the situation.
  • Extra comfort– A cooling blanket offers maximum comfort when you are sleeping, particularly if you use a weighted blanket.
  • Boost your metabolism– You think the only best way to burn calories is exercising? Think again.

Your body temperature contributes a lot when it comes to your metabolism. When you sleep cool, you boost your metabolism which increases calorie burn and hence weight loss is achieved.

That being said, here are the tips to choose the perfect cooling blanket.

1.     Consider the Material Used to Make the Cooling Blanket

The first thing to consider when choosing a cooling blanket is the material used to make it. In this case, you must consider breathability and lightweight. Also, the material should be heavy enough to offer maximum comfort to your body.

Usual materials used to make cooling blankets include:

Cotton- Cotton is the preferred material when it comes to bedding because it can be woven easily. Also, cotton gets rid of moisture from the body to prevent you from sleeping hot.

Linen- Well, linen is slightly heavier than cotton but is breathable. Although linen isn’t as soft as cotton, it tends to get softer as it continues to wear. Also, linen is a durable material that lasts longer.

Silk-Silk is a comfortable and cool material on your skin

Other materials used to make cooling blankets include down, synthetic or polyester, natural and or organic materials.

2.     Durability

Of course, you want your cooling blanket to last longer. For that reason, you need to choose one that’s made with durable materials such as cotton and linen.

3.     Ease of Cleaning

The cooling blanket should be made with material that is easy to wash. Cotton, bamboo, linen are some of the best materials for this matter.