How to fix a laptop

Regular update of important software It became important to update the computer with the latest versions of the various programs to avoid viruses, spam, security breaches, hardware incompatibilities, and other programming problems, and various updates are usually available for all antivirus, email client, and system Operating, and a piece of hardware that the user can own for free, it is also advised to make sure to check viruses regularly, and to activate anti-virus programs regularly.

Disk Cleanup The Windows system can use the files on the device for a specific purpose, then keep them in a folder designated for temporary files, and the user may have installed many components of Windows that they no longer use, which leads to running out of space on the hard disk, so it may The person wants to reduce the number of files on the disk he has, or to leave more empty space on it, and the Windows Disk Cleanup Wizard can be used to perform various tasks to clear space on the hard disk, among these tasks: [2] Removing temporary Internet files. Remove any downloaded program files. Empty the trash. Remove temporary Windows files. Removing unused Windows components. Removing installed programs that have not been used. The disk can be cleaned by clicking on Start, then clicking All Programs, then on Accessories, and finally on Disk Cleanup. [2] Volume 0%

How to fix a laptop

Disk Defragmenter Disk defragmentation merges files and folders that have been partitioned on the computer’s hard disk, so that each of them occupies one contiguous space on the volume, so the system will be able to access files and folders more easily, and save them more efficiently, also helps cancel Disk fragmentation combines free space in the volume, which reduces the possibility of fragmenting new files, and the hard disk can be partitioned by clicking on Start, then clicking All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, and finally on Disk Defragm enter. [2

Maintenance of the physical components should keep the computer clean in order to continue to work effectively, as the fans in the device need care in order to be able to preserve the important components in the device, and if the temperature increases, it will stop working well, and the accumulated dust must be cleaned inside Outside of the computer, [1] other computer components, such as: the keyboard, hard drive, CD drives, or internal DVD discs, must also be maintained, and it is advised to keep any liquid material out of the computer, according to It should not be used As long as liquid detergent to clean up your computer, and only scans the screen and keyboard using a soft cloth regularly. [3]

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