How to get a new postpaid connection from Airtel?

Getting a postpaid new connection from Airtel is no big a deal. Though you can follow the conventional steps of visiting an outlet near your home, the processes have changed very much today. Now you can buy Airtel postpaid connection from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to select a plan and confirm quick details and get doorstep delivery and get your KYC done. You will need to keep a valid proof of identity and proof of address to share with the executive. Also, you can visit the nearest stores to complete the KYC.

The offline approach – You can either visit an Airtel outlet or a store dealing in mobile communications to get apostpaid new connection. When you visit the shop, the store operator would fill out some forms for you. TO ensure that the process is completed without any hindrance, make sure that you bring 2 passport size photographs of yourself. You would also need to submit self-attested copies of a proof of address and proof of identity. You also need to bring along the originals so that the operator might verify the details.

Nowadays, the verification of identity and address is mostly done through Aadhaar. The only thing you need to do is reach the store with your Aadhaar card. Your Aadhaar number would come in handy in the process. If you can memorise the number and you have not locked your biometrics from the UIDAi portal, you just visit the store to get a new connection. The process to buy Airtel postpaid connection is becoming easier by the day.

Airtel Thanks app and website – Airtel is trying to make everything easier for customers. The app will allow you to ‘Buy’ a new postpaid connection from the second ribbon. The next page will show you the plans available for your location. You need to tap on a plan and offer some details. Airtel will send an executive to your place for the consecutive process. You can get the same thing done through the Airtel website. Using the app, however, is much easier.

What documents will you need for the connection?

You will need two documents – one for proof of address and one for proof of identity. You can find a list of the applicable documents on the Airtel website.

For proof of identity, you can offer passport, arms license, driving license, voter ID card, ration card, gazetted certificates, PAN card, current passbook of banks or post offices among others.

For proof of address, the applicable documents are Passport, arms license, driving license, voter ID card, ration card, gazetted certificates, water bill, telephone bill, electricity bill among others.

How much time will it take for the postpaid connection to activate?

Once the proper documents are received by Airtel, the services would be activated within 24 hours.

With Airtel, everything is so easy – be it switching to the provider, getting a new connection, connecting to your peers or paying the bills.