How to Get Loan If You Are Disabled or Ill?

Things can get quite tough if the sole earning member of the family gets ill or disabled. In that case, how will he meet the necessities of the family? Is there a way by which a disabled or ill person can obtain a personal loan?

In this article, we will look at all the possible options to get a loan in case of illness, or disability.

What does the law say about financial assistance to an ill and disabled person?

As per the law, disability, or illness should not act as a hindrance to getting the loan. Banks, financial institutions, and other lenders should treat everyone equally without discriminating on the grounds of health status at the time of lending loans to them. This implies that even if you suffer from HIV patients, cancer, depression, or any other health disease, you should be treated equally.

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You are working and require a loan

People who are working, and have regular income with good credit history, should consider the below-mentioned borrowing options:

  • Check your eligibility for a loan
  • Find out the most affordable, and the best way to borrow the money that you need
  • Find out how you will pay the loan back to the lender. In other words, make a loan repayment plan.

If you earn less income

What if you have low income and made claim for disability, and sickness benefits? Will you be able to get a loan? Unfortunately, in this case, major banks won’t be able to provide you the loan that you require. Some lenders may provide you loans but will charge a high rate of interest i.e., 10% to 20% or more.

Things you can do to obtain a personal loan

  • The government provide “Support for Mortgage Interest” assistance that can help you make an interest payment on the mortgage
  • The local authority can help you with Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Do not seek support from Pay Day Lenders
  • Apply to the local credit union
  • Apply for an interest-free budgeting loan


In most cases, a person who is ill or disabled can get financial assistance. All it needs is to consider different scenarios to arrive at the right loan sanctioning decision.