How to Handle Recreational Vehicles’ Collision Damage?  

Going through automobile collisions on the road is very common. But, the situation becomes different when facing an accident while riding in Recreational Vehicles (RVs). The handling procedures for both cases are quite different. The matter is not only about dealing with the vehicle insurance company. The vehicle owners also have to consult an RV collision damage repair shop. Visiting an auto body shop will confirm the manufactured body plates of the vehicles. People facing RV accidents must follow some prior formalities before going for repair.

Follow these below tips after an RV collision:

1. Police report:

Getting a police report is essential for eliminating the dispute factor. These factors involve the fault as well as the insurance liability. The insurance company demands the exact time and date of the collision. So, all such issues will be crystal clear from the record filled in the police report.

2. Keep documents ready:

The documents involve every piece of paperwork related to the RV, including the driving license. It is also mandatory to take pictures of the damaged part using a mobile phone camera from multiple angles. Keeping all these records ready will not cause any issues with recovering the insurance money for the vehicle. Eliminate all the other parties involved in giving suggestions. Make sure not to share pictures of the damaged RV.

3. Contact insurance company:

Normal insurance companies don’t credit the damage recovery money if the rider is the victim. Many companies have a policy saying no money will be sanctioned for a collision with their own mistake. Thus, keeping the police report as proof acts as a safeguard regarding no mistake happening from the driver’s side. There will be no ignorance if all the above documents are ready with the driver before reaching the insurance company.

4. Choose the best repair shop:

Always choose a qualified repair shop. Generally, oversized painting is required for repairing fiberglass. Insurance companies also question the repair shop before crediting the repair money. So, getting a quote from a repair shop in the form of a document or written form is mandatory to be on the safe side. The price estimate should be set accordingly to get back profitable money for completing the repair. The worker’s profile is also asked for the claims. So, inform the repair shop before dealing with the insurance team.

5. Repainting the RV parts:

Respraying the paint in the affected area must be done to hide the damaged look. Don’t go for completely new paint if the condition is not worse. Saving time and money is much more important than re-innovating in an RV collision damage repair shop. So, get out of the zone as soon as possible and move toward the insurance team to follow the ethical rules.


In most cases, the driver goes through a panic attack after a collision with a vehicle. If they are safe after the incident, then thinking correctly will help to get RV collision damage repair costs without lending any extra money. People navigating directly to the repair shop must follow a few more steps to recover the loss from the collision.