How to Make Long Truck Rides More Comfortable for Your Back

Trucking may pay the bills, but it’s no joke. Just ask any trucker, and they’ll tell you how tough it can be on your back and tail bone. Our bodies are made to move, not be strapped to jump seats for trucks for hours. Those manufacturer seats aren’t the most comfortable in the world, either. Fortunately, there are ways you can beat a sore back without having to resort to a cheap pillow. Here’s how. 

1. Shift Your Body Weight

It’s important to adjust your driving position from time to time. Turn on music that encourages you to ‘dance’ around in your seat. (Yes, really.) You can do seated exercises during long stretches on the highway. A neck roll here, wrist exercise there…heck, even a tow wiggle can help. You’ll be surprised how much they add up at the end of a shift. 

2. Get A Move On

Remember the song, “Get Up Offa That Thing?” Nothing can be truer in trucking. Remember to take short walks during your stopovers and fuel breaks. Plan ahead for extra breaks to pull over and get out of the truck when possible. Moving around more improves your posture, your scenery, and keeps you safer in the long run.

3. Think “Princess and the Pea”

This sounds weird but hear us out. Do you have a habit of leaving your wallet in your back pocket? Kick it to the curb. Major back problems can develop if you sit on your wallet all day. Opt for a thinner or chain connected wallet design instead.  

4. Get New Jump Seats for Trucks

Believe it or not, a lot of truck drivers don’t think about this option. (Or don’t want to.) But is it worth getting new jump seats for trucks when the current ones are hard and lumpy? Yes! The bottom line is, it’s worth it for your health, and your ability to make more money. Why waste time coming up with one makeshift solution after the next when you can simply buy a new seat? It just makes more sense. 

Improve Your Life on the Road

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