How to make paper ice cream cone sleeves

 Everyone loves eating ice cream regardless the age. The demand and craving of ice cream increases in summer season. However, there is no dedicated season for the ice cream. You can enjoy the ice cream cone in any season. 

As a matter of fact, everyone loves to eat ice cream. However, everyone fears to get the cone of the ice cream getting soggy and hands getting sticky with the ice cream. In order to get away with this fear, using the light weight and beautifully designed cone sleeves can resolve the issue. 

Although the cone sleeves can be made with different types of materials, the most suitable one is the paper which is very easy to handle by everyone. The custom cone sleeves options are available especially when you are using paper. The custom cone sleeves are usually available when you buy wholesale cone sleeves. This gives you more options to deal with 

In summer season, it is very tempting to organise an ice cream party. The ice cream party can be full of fun until you have a messy ice cream in your hand. When there is a need to organise a party, many people buy wholesale cone sleeves. However, if you are tight on your budget and you need to get many ice cream cone sleeves, you can create your own. Here we are going to some instructions following which will enable you to design the custom cone sleeves of your choice. 

Things that you need in order to create paper ice cream cone sleeves


  • Origami paper of 6×6 size 
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Sugar cones
  • Measuring tape and a ruler



Procedure to follow


  • Take origami sheet and sketch an edge of curve shape approx. 4 inches from one of the corners of origami sheet. This will help you wind up with the circle that was drawn around the corner of the paper. It is very easy to make as many ice cream cone sleeves as you want once you have cut out one cone sleeve for you. Make sure that the quarter circle that you cut is in accordance with the size of the ice cream that you want to cover with the cone sleeves. 
  • Wrap the quarter circle drawn around the corner of the page on the ice cream cone. Wrapping will make the quarter circle look like a cone. Once you form the cone shaped covering out of quarter circle, secure this form using the tape or glue.  The cone sleeve is ready to use. 
  • Fill the covering with the ice cream and enjoy the delicious ice cream without the fear of getting it wasted. 


By following the tips given above, you can make the ice cream cone sleeves without any problem. As a matter of fact, it is very easy to make the cone sleeves if you know how to take right measurements. For taking the accurate measurement, you can either use the ruler or measuring tape.