How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business

If you’ve been on Facebook before, then you know how many views a good viral video can get. Almost overnight, the video is known by everyone, and it will be talked about for days. You might wonder, “what if my business could get video fame like that?” 

You might also wonder if those views even translate to sales or conversions. After all, those are just views, getting someone to buy something is completely different, right? Wrong. Anything that needs to be seen to be sold will do great with a video. While selling marketing services might be harder, selling a jacket or car through video is much easier than through text alone. 

How to Create a Video That Gets People Clicking

Creating a good video doesn’t have to be done with the latest technology; however, it does have to be well done with the technology that is present. 

Know Your Target Market

If you don’t know who you are making the video for, then you won’t be able to make a good video. To start, think about how your video is going to help your end-user. You might need to create a how-to video or a video talking about the features; it all depends on the questions that your customers will be asking when they watch the video. 

Write a Script

Though you might think you can just go out and record, that won’t end with a high-quality video. Create a script; this serves as a blueprint for your video. It lets you see the finished product before you start so that you know exactly what to get when you’re looking to film later.

Create a Call to Action

What does your video script end-on? If it doesn’t end with a clear call to action, then your video needs to be re-worked. To come up with a call to action, start by thinking about what you want a viewer to do after they watch the video. This action could be to call, email, or visit the website. Keeping this in mind, create a clear call to action that tells them exactly how to do that action. 

Find an Ideal Place to Shoot

You don’t want to record video in a loud venue with too many distractions. Rather, find a quiet place that looks simple while matching the aesthetic of your brand. Also, get a good microphone for your subject as this can make all of the difference. Finally, make sure that your space is using natural lighting as much as possible. 

Choose the Right Background Music

After the filming, you will have to edit everything together; the most important part of this whole process is actually the background music that you choose. Even though this music is often low and almost unhearable, it is responsible for the final mood of the whole peace and can create an atmosphere between seemingly unrelated clips. 

Less is More: 

If you wonder, “Is this too much?” Chances are, it is. That’s why you should work to keep your videos at about a minute and a half with limited special effects. The goal of the video should be to get across all of the information fast and effectively. Stick to your brand voice, but make sure you don’t overdo it. 

How to Make Your Video Marketing Stick

When you have a finished product, make sure that you are putting somewhere that can be seen. Adding your videos to YouTube is the best option, as this allows for embedding and sharing. On top of that, YouTube is the most-watched platform for videos.

Next, don’t forget to spread the word and link to the video. If you tweet, link the video. If you are on Facebook, don’t forget to link the video (or maybe even upload it there) as well! The more times you share the video, the more times it will be seen. 

Think About Taking It Up a Notch

We Tag Videos is changing the way that customers watch videos. By adding interactivity right into the video, customers can learn twice the information from the same one-minute advertisement.