How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Putting together a gorgeously designed, family friendly and highly functional kitchen is no easy task, not even for the professionals! There are so many different ways around designing and filling a space, so you’d be forgiven for getting a little lost when the time comes to doing a couple of updates. Time aside, you’re also being faced with a bit of a financial undertaking. Although it’s rare that you’ll be undergoing any kind of home renovation or transformation without spending some money, there definitely are a few tricks of the trade that will give your kitchen that high end look without costing an arm and a leg to get there. Here are a few tips for making your kitchen that little more expensive…

Add a bold pop of colour

An accent tone is one of the easiest ways of really freshening up your home and bringing an expensive looking edge to your kitchen. This really requires little to no effort so if you’re looking for a quick, cheerful and inexpensive fix, then this is the tip for you! Bring in a bold shade of green, red or even a pop of yellow for a fun and uplifting feel or opt for a more muted mint, dusty pink or navy tone for something a little more understated. Your breakfast stools are a great way of adding a cool pop of colour without going crazy on the spending – plus, they’re super handy so it’s a great investment to make if you’re looking to create a breakfast station.

Shop to scale

Shopping furnishings and furniture to scale will make your home look seamless and feel comfortable. Too often, we ignore the dimensions and requirements of our actual homes in favour of the many, many inspirational photos we manage to gather online. Tear those eyes away from your screen and those glossy magazines and check out your own kitchen instead. Measure the space, play around with the floor plan and purchase items that fit to the scale of the room to get it right, for you.

Storage solutions

Upping your storage will clear the clutter and help your day to day organisational levels, whilst also making your space look ever so slightly more professional. Look for pieces such as display cabinets, blanket boxes and bookcases, or just install some floating shelving. Having a place to stash your bits and pieces will make the room feel infinitely more open and well put together.

Highlight your home’s natural features

Speaking of making the most out of what you’ve got! Take a step back and look at the natural features that already make your kitchen look great. Maybe you have a light flooded space, exposed brick, edgy concrete or polished wooden floors – whatever you’re lucky enough to already have, play it up. Enhance with accessories, clever lighting and complimentary colours to highlight the elements of your kitchen that you already love. This is a cheap and easy one to try.

Bring the outdoors in

The indoor jungle trend has been absolutely massive over the past couple of years. It’s no hard to see why, it’s stylish, fresh and healthy for any kind of home. Bring in a few hanging plants or statement greenery and watch your kitchen totally transform in a matter of moments. Sometimes, making things look and feel expensive is simply a question of adding a few finishing touches.

There you have it! Try these tips and tricks for a stunningly designed and functional kitchen that works for you and your family’s lifestyle!