How To Mine Cryptocurrency From Android Phones? Is It Profitable? 

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, then you must know about crypto mining. Many people have a common question- can mining be done from an android phone? The answer is – yes, you can mine bitcoins from an android phone.  

But mining from an android phone takes a lot of time and effort. Your profit margin becomes so slim that putting so much time and energy is not worth it. 

You can also join the mining pool with other miners who use specialized software and motherboards for the purpose. With your network, you will share only an unnoticeable amount of power in comparison to the other miners. Therefore, you get a nominal percentage when you get the share of the reward within the network.  

How to Mine Bitcoins from an Android Phone? 

There are two methods to mine bitcoins from an android phone-  

  • Solo Mining: 

To mine cryptocurrency from an android phone is a challenging task. Miners generate bitcoin addresses. A miner cryptographically creates 64 addresses for every bitcoin along with private and public keys. Generating the cryptographic addresses from your phone will take about a few months.  

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, everyone invests money in them. And similarly, the job of a miner is getting important. For the reward a miner receives, he needs to perform many tasks. Special software and hardware are necessary for these tasks. Miners now invest in ASIC to increase their profit percentage. 

The android phones are not weak to perform all of these. But the professional miners use way more powerful tools and devices to earn profit. 

  • Pool Mining: 

Groups of miners are involved in a pool. A server hosts a group of miners, where each of them contributes computing energy to crack encryptions. When a pool receives its reward, it distributes the profit among the miners according to their share of computing power.  

You will find many crypto mining apps for androids. You can join the pool using these apps. When you join a pool, remember to check its size. The big pools make regular payments, whereas smaller pools’ payment and reward methods are sometimes delayed.  

So, when you get a reward, your contributed power becomes so less, that your share becomes pretty small. The use of an android phone for mining cryptocurrency can eventually destroy your device.  

Benefits Of Using A PC Instead Of Android Phones: – 

Using a PC, you can generate more computing power through several special software and hardware. Some rigs use about six GPUs, while some use more than fifteen GPUs at a time. A pro miner uses a mining motherboard that can run multiple GPUs simultaneously.  


  1. It is cost-effective. 
  2. Smooth operation. 
  3. Convenient to use. 
  4. Plug and play features are beneficial. 

But before buying such a specially designed motherboard, check its compatibility with the CPU. AMD and Intel CPUs are compatible with most of the motherboards. You can check out Alibaba for hardware.  


Using smartphones will not be profitable for the amount of time and effort it demands. If you want to earn from mining cryptocurrencies, you must invest in the right hardware. With powerful graphic cards, you have to buy a motherboard to connect all your graphic cards.