How To Motivate Your Kids To Stay Organised

Find out how to help your children be more tidy and organised for a calmer, easier to manage home. 

As children get back into a daily school routine whether that is at home, or in the classroom, it’s now more important than ever to stay organised. Without organisation, text books and PE kits can quickly get lost, and the house can fall into disarray. 

Although parents naturally pick up after the kids, it’s also important to encourage kids to stay organised themselves. It’s an important life skill and it helps them, and you, if they can get just a little better at it this term. 

To help encourage your child to boost their organisation skills, try these handy tips:

Help Them Form An Organisation Routine

Children do really well with routines, so it’s a really good idea to help your child form a routine around school that helps them stay organised. This could mean they know to pack their bag for the next day as soon as they finish their homework. It could mean that they know to put their uniform out for the next day before they go to bed. These small routines will help them feel responsible and able to manage their own belongings. 

Boost Your Homes Functionality

The functionality of your home has a big impact on how easy it is for any member of the family to stay organised. Boost your homes functionality by storing seasonally in inexpensive self storage units. It’s also a great idea to checkout money-saving storage options by comparing storage prices in your area to see how you can make it easier to store and organise your belongings. 

Place Cute Prompts

Placing cute prompts around like colour coded stickers, instructional post notes or pictures can be really handy for kids who forget to stay organised. A little note by the stairs asking them to put their school shoes on the rack can be effective. How about a little sticker of a banana on the bag rack reminding them to empty out any old lunch into the bin? Prompts don’t have to be fancy at all to give kids a handy reminder of what they need to do. 

Buy Them A Diary & Calendar 

Diary and calendar management skills are very useful for a child and will help them as they grow up with increasingly busy schedules. Buy them a diary and calendar and teach them to fill them in and check their schedules everyday. They should be able to tell you which classes they have this week, or which clubs they will be attending. 

If They Are Old Enough, Utilise Technology

If your child is old enough, technology could be a great asset to their organisation skills. Organisational apps, reminders and task functions can be a great option for some children. If they use their own phone or tablet then it makes sense to help them utilise the organisational technology within those pieces of tech. 

Encourage, Don’t Punish

When helping your child to form new helpful habits and skills like organisation, it pays to be encouraging rather than punishing a lack of progress. Be creative with your approach to teaching new skills. If they aren’t managing to be organised yet, they absolutely will, you just have to find an approach that works well for them. When they do get it right, be sure to encourage them repeatedly. 

The tips above can help your child become more organised day to day. It’s a really great skill for them to harness, especially as they manage school, hobbies and their own social lives. These skills can stay with them for life, so it’s certainly worth your time helping them learn how to be organised now.