How to Organise a Sydney Harbour Boat Party


A party out on the glistening harbour with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair is enough to make absolutely anyone crazy excited. For a memorable occasion like a big birthday, pre-wedding bash, public holiday celebration, Christmas party or even a high school formal, you really can’t beat it! If you’re looking at finding yourself the ideal vessel to set sail onto one of the world’s finest harbours on, you’ll need to do a little bit of planning first. Here’s exactly how you should go about organising the perfect Sydney Harbour boat party…

Know your guest list

It’s important that you pin down a ballpark number early on. If your guest list keeps jumping from seventy to one hundred, one hundred to two, it gets very hard to actually find a boat to accommodate your party. For events such as wedding receptions or formals, this can get hard, so it’s best to establish a general figure to ensure that your party is still going to fit on the boat that you choose!

Establish a budget

Once you know how many attendees you’ll be hosting on the harbour, it’s time to figure out those figures! Keeping to a budget ensures that you don’t go overboard when you’re planning your party. You’ll find that boats and the features vary quite a bit, so be sure to look into the fine details when you’re shopping around for different prices! Some come with package deals, others with great features like a dance floor, pick what’s right for you, your guests and your budget and you won’t put a foot wrong.

Pick a pickup spot

The great thing about boat parties is that you get to select your pickup spot! You should try to be as fair as possible with this decision, so ask your guest list to choose their most convenient spot from the list of options that your vessel provides you with. Keep in mind that you might want to keep the party going after docking, so choosing an area that’s closer to the city or to a particular bar that you love might be wise. Your pickup area is also a great opportunity for some amazing pre-party photos, so be sure to find somewhere that’s scenic for those shots.

Think about your timing

Your vessel will likely give you the freedom to set sail at your chosen time of day, so be sure to put some thought into when you want to be floating out on the beautiful Harbour. Morning time is more casual, the afternoon is great for parties or public holidays in the sun and early evening is great for your formal or wedding reception.

Book in advance

Be sure to leave yourself time to find a boat that works for you! There’s nothing worse than blaring time pressure when you’re trying to plan the perfect party, so some organisation here is key. Leave about 6-3 months between making your booking and the big day to secure the vessel that you really want.

Think about a theme

Themes are great for casual parties and events, and a boat is the perfect place to get playful and dress up! Choose fun themes like under the sea, nautical or pirates to really make the most out of your scenery.

By following these tips, you can be confident that you’ll be planning the ideal party out on Sydney Harbour. Explore your options for boat hire in Sydney now to get the party started.