How To Prepare Your Yard For Exterior Christmas Light Installation

When it comes to Christmas lights installation, setting them inside the house is not much of a challenge. The real challenge is preparing your yard for the holidays. If you plan on having an exterior Christmas light installation, then keep on reading. We’ll be walking you through the basics, as well as some tips and tricks, on how to install Christmas lights on your yard.

Safety first!

The most important thing to consider during Christmas lights installation is your safety. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment before starting. Christmas light installation is definitely no joke! If you have no experience with this kind of stunt, you might as well consult with a professional on how they can assist you in the process.

Top tips for exterior Christmas light installation

Take a picture of your house

First things first, even before you go out to buy your Christmas lights, you must first plan what you want to do for your display. It helps to take a photo of your house so it’s easier to conceptualize the kind of Christmas lights you want and how much of it do you need.

Use a tape measure to get an estimate

Furthermore, during the planning stage, you may want to measure the areas where you plan on installing Christmas lights. It’s best to use a tape measure to at least get an estimate.

Make sure that your Christmas lights work

You have to inspect and test your Christmas lights before proceeding to check-out. The worst thing that could happen, aside from falling off the ladder during installation (knock on wood), is to find out that one of the bulbs is not working.

Do not use nails

It is advisable to not use nails when you’re putting up your Christmas lights. Instead, opt for clips. There are decorating clips that can be stuck onto wood surfaces. You can also use gutter hooks.

Use a sturdy ladder

Safety first! Make sure that you use a sturdy ladder when trying to reach high places. Also, if you’re using a ladder, have someone to hold it firmly.

Opt for Christmas lights with a timer

To help you cut back on cost, opt for a Christmas lights display that has a timer. Your bank account will thank you when you get your electric bill after the holidays.

Use weatherproof outdoor extension wire

Finally, if you are setting up Christmas lights outdoors, be sure to use the appropriate extension wire. Invest in a quality weatherproof outdoor extension cord. Plug this into an outdoor outlet. It would be best to find one that has an on and off switch, as well as an automatic timer.

There are a number of Christmas lights installation companies nearby that would be glad to lend you a helping hand. This is beneficial because they are responsible for both the installation and clean-up or take-down process. Don’t know what type of Christmas lights to use? They can also provide their expert opinion on that.