How to Rid Your Home of Pet Odours

Often, pets become significant members of a household, with many owners treating them like a family member. This is why some pet owners have taken to calling pets their furbabies.

However, other than love, joy, and happiness, pets also tend to bring in some undesirables sometimes. Odours can be one of the drawbacks of having a pet.

Regardless of the pet you have, some odour exists. This is because, unlike humans, animals, domestic or not, have no sense of hygiene.

It is part and parcel of being a pet owner. With time comes experience and with experience comes the means of dealing with odours.

Here are some extra weapons to have in your arsenal to destroy any pet odours in your house.

Vinegar: A Must-Have

Vinegar is a natural solution to almost all of your pet odour woes. By rinsing sheets with vinegar, you can get rid of potent bad smells before throwing laundry in the wash.

 Using vinegar to wash out pet essentials like litter boxes, food and water bowls, along with toys and the like can help to remove odour from your home.

Having a solution of vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle also helps to spot-clean when necessary.

Odour Absorbers

For surfaces that cannot easily be cleaned regularly, try using baking soda. Find the spot where you detect the most odour and sprinkle on some baking soda.

Let it remain overnight and vacuum it the next day. You will find most of the smell gone just like that.

Another way to soak up the bad smells is by preparing pouches of activated charcoal. Put these baggies in strategic places where your pet frequents and tends to leave odours.

Activated charcoal sachets are cheap and readily available, helping you to solve your home’s pet odour problems.

A Strict Cleaning Routine

This one is a no-brainer but may not be as religiously practised as you think. Cleaning the house will help to keep your home pet odour-free, but tends to be seen as too big a job to be done frequently.

This is why having a schedule that works for you is critical. Whether you are the type of person who prefers small tasks over a long period or like everything to be done in one fell swoop, you should make it a habit to clean regularly.

Not only will you have to clean your furniture and all the sheets and linens involved, but you also have to clean out your pet’s things as well.

Frequent vacuuming will help to remove all the pet fur and dander. This will help to control pet odours in the home.

Shower Time

It is also crucial to keep your pet clean. Most pets do not like baths, but you should still give them one regularly.

If you want to pamper your pet, you can also have them sent to a proper pet groomer to do the job for you. Plus, they can also go for a fancy new haircut.

Keep your pet smelling clean and fresh, and your home will feel just as pleasant.

Get An Air Purifier

Ventilation helps to clear out bad smells, but sometimes, airing out the house is not enough to get rid of all the lousy pet odours.

If possible, get yourself an air purifier. Ones with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter are the best choice. Some vacuums have these too. Having the air in the house filtered will keep out any smells for good.

Keep Carpets Clean

If you have a full-floor carpet, you must keep it clean if you have a pet walking around. This is not an easy job.

This is when a vinegar and water spray bottle, along with baking soda are critical tools. If the task is too big on your own, look into carpet dry cleaning.

Removable Covers

Try to use removable covers, whether they are for floors, cushions, or other furniture. These make it easy for you to remove and clean the sheets which might have picked up some pet odours over the days.

You can use plastic covers as well. Be sure to place these strategically around the house. It is especially useful to have blankets on furniture where your pet likes to hang out, so that smells do not linger on the furniture itself.


Potty training is not possible for every pet, but with proper practice, you can master it. Having your pet house-trained will significantly reduce household pet odours.

Even if accidents happen sometimes, at least you will feel better knowing that it is not the norm.