How to save your Text Messages

Until some time ago, the essential mode of communication was via SMS. For some people this simple source remains quite useful till date. There are many cloud based services wherein you can save your social media posts, emails or texts, but this history can tend to disappear at the loss of an old phone or while switching to a new one. 

Do you want to create a backup for your SMS history? Do you want to record your chats or simply want to switch to another phone and not lose all the inbound texts? Then the answer to your questions lies in the choice of the right apps or tools to preserve your text messages and emails. 

Memoirs and Information

The user could have important information or simple memories that he might want to save from his text conversations. They can be backed up by the latest apps without getting lost in transfer. So, if you want to save your future text messages or hold onto the text history already created, the solutions are plentiful. The apps that you install on your phone come with a built in back up tool. Once the app is installed, the messages can be exported onto it quite easily. Along with the backup option, the app is also equipped with restore features which will help you make the switch to your new phone. 

Archiving your Text Messages

All the applications that are providing for archiving your texts function in sync with the default text message programme. All you have to do is install the app, connect it to your account where you save all your SMS and MMS messages and the data is automatically transferred to the external inbox with its own respective label. 

Along with the user’s text history, the email account of the user can also be synchronized with the help of the app. The integration of the contacts with the external inbox is also done smoothly, making the texts easily searchable. The texts that you saved can also be restored on your new mobile phone too. 

High-Tech Applications

There are many applications that do not use your email threads to back up texts but load them in an XML format from your drive, local storage or Dropbox. They are equipped in backing up calls and MMS messages as well. So while configuring a new phone, both your call logs and texts can be restored on your new device. 

There are certain apps that are based around a trigger for which there is a subsequent action. For example if there is a report on bad weather, the device is triggered to send a warning email or text to your external inbox. These apps are free to use and support scheduled backups. In accordance to your mode used for archiving, you can select an advanced or a normal application. 

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