How to save yourself from healthcare fraud

Getting healthcare insurance shouldn’t have to be an area where you’re afraid to share your information in trying to obtain good quotes. Unfortunately, we live in a time where protecting your sensitive data is vitally important, as breaches and other activities can compromise its security. Here are a few tips to save yourself from healthcare fraud:

  • Don’t share your financial information

Keep your account numbers and bank information private and don’t share with anyone, especially on the phone.

  • Don’t share health information

Do not give out your medical history or treatment you receive unless asked by a licensed physician.

You can be a healthcare whistleblower

When using the marketplace, you may be asked for specific medical documentation, but it should be shared on a secure server. If you receive a phone call, do not provide that information.

Instead, as, clear, probing questions to obtain the information you need. You should also write down the name of the person, telephone number, street or mailing address, email and website. If they are not able to provide this information, chances are they are not credible.

Associates from the healthcare marketplace may contact you by phone to verify information. You should be able to retrieve a first and last name, in addition to their agent ID number. You will be asked specific information, but it should not include personal financial information. You should not be asked

If you suspect the person is displaying fraudulent behavior, file with the Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant. You may also call the Health Insurance Marketplace to discuss the issue and get your information handled the right way. The goal is to make sure you are protected at all times to avoid being a victim of healthcare fraud.