How to Start off Your New Year on a Good Note with Rummy?

It is the New Year already and you may already have a list of resolutions ready. Now, for card game lovers, there is a unique way to meet New Year’s resolutions. Especially, those who play rummy can meet certain goals for the year, in an interest way. So why wait? Find out how the game can inspire you this year, and help accomplish almost every resolution that you have made.

  1. Catch Up with Friends You Are Not in Touch With

Have you not met your friends in a long time? Do they stay in another city? Or have you not spoke to one for a few months? If these are some of the scenarios you relate with, then it is time to bring a change. It is the start of the New Year, and one of the resolutions could be to reconnect with the ones you dearly miss. If you are registered on Khelplay Rummy App (a gaming platform), then you can invite these long-forgotten friends on the platform for a game. They will be surprised and glad at the same time, for your thoughtful gesture and wish for a reconnection.

  1. Save and Invest Money at Right Places

While the right financial planning should be an agenda every year, this New Year you can make it a better one. While you plan out savings and investments to grow your money, why not invest a little for your free time. We are talking about real cash rummy tournaments and games. Here, you can earn a handsome monetary reward, if you win the game. The winners are entitled to the promised cash prize.

  1. A Better Psychological Health

This year, make it your resolve to have a better mental health and peace. For instance, whenever you feel the blues or are stressed, then make time for activities you enjoy. These will certainly make you feel better emotionally and psychologically. One of the things you can do is play free card games on the internet. There are several websites and apps that allow playing practice games. These games do not ask any monetary deposit. You can play anytime of the day without a deposit. You can leave the game anytime without having anything at stake.

  1. Travel to Destinations

For a great start for the New Year, you can check off things on your bucket-list, like a trip to your favourite travel destination. To make the most of your free time, you can play a game of online rummy when on a flight, in a journey, or during your ‘alone’ time. You can use the game to interact with strangers or other travellers you wish to talk with. After a long day, when it is the bedtime, you can disconnect from the world, and enjoy the game on your favouring gaming platform.

  1. Give More Time to Your Family

Many of you may not get enough time to spend with family members. This could be due to busy schedules or staying away from your loved ones. But this New Year, you can make all the difference. Make it a point to meet your dear ones and spend some quality time with them. You can perhaps play a game or two of Indian rummy with them on a visit. Or you can just enjoy small but meaningful activities together, such as cooking meals, going out for a picnic, etc.

  1. Be Punctual at Workplace

Does your team leader at the workplace hound you for getting late to work? If so, then it is time to take an oath to get better with punctuality at your workplace. Wake up a little early than usual but do not get late to your office. Also, make sure you complete all the tasks as asked within the deadline. This could be hard to do, but well, you need to start somewhere. It is a new year after all, and you will definitely want to set a good image of yourself in front of others. In your break time, you can play rummy online to get over any stress. And include your colleagues too.

  1. Learn Tricks to Improve Brainpower

By learning how to play rummy, you can improve on your memory, thinking ability, observation skill, and brainpower. The game involves basic mathematical calculations and skills to get past opponents. Knowing these skills will definitely boost your mental ability in many ways. You can even play other board games to enhance your brainpower. These games could be that of wordplay, Monopoly, Chess, etc. Gift yourself a pack of cards to play rummy, and start a game with your own people. It shall be more challenging and fun to play the game with your dear ones.

Final Words

The New Year is the right to make certain resolutions. You can improve a lot on your personality and how you deal with other people. If you have certain dreams and goals, you may want to fulfil those as well. And when it comes to gaming enthusiasts, especially rummy game lovers, there is a lot you can do in the New Year by playing the card game. Some of these ideas, we have discussed in the post above.