How to Use Quarantine Time to Start a Blog on ConnectPal, Other Platforms

With millions of people sheltering at home during the current COVID-19 crisis, there is plenty of time to start a new project you’ve been meaning to try.  In fact, for many individuals, having more time to think about new ways to communicate with followers is at the forefront of their minds. 

Even during times of uncertainty, it’s important to keep on top of your online marketing plan. One of the simplest ways to promote your brand is through a blog. When done properly, blogging can position you as a leader in your field, directs visitors to your website, and even can increase your bottom line. 

If you’re ready to join the global blogging community, here are some useful ways to get started. 

Choose your blogging platform

Setting up a blog is not as difficult as you might believe it to be.  It typically requires little technical expertise and little to no coding, depending on your chosen blogging platform.  You can start by choosing a blogging platform to help design your blog and compile your posts and videos. Platforms like Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr are all viable options and offer plenty of resources for ease of use. 

Note: If you want to start making money on your blog right away, you can consider creating a ConnectPal profile. ConnectPal allows you to add audio, video, photos and documents (including a blog) to your profile and update your content whenever you want.  You can also set a monthly price for people to access your profile content. 

Plan your posts

Before you start putting your ideas on virtual paper, you need to have a plan.  First, decide on a topic that interests you.  For example, if you are looking to grow your graphic design business, plan your blog around topics such as logo design, what to include in a professional design portfolio and how to solicit work from large companies.

Remember, choose topics that will show your expertise and enthusiasm on the subject so that it will look authentic to your audience. 

Start writing

Once you’ve planned your topics, it’s time to start writing. You can choose to write a few blog posts at a time and then strategically post them periodically throughout the week, or you can simply write when you feel inspired. 

Practice makes perfect, and nonetheless; try to get as much writing done as you can in one sitting so that after a while, you will be producing fantastic content that your readers will come to expect.  

Be realistic about your blog

While, yes, you should aim to publish professional-looking content, it’s okay to be realistic and know that no blog post will ever be 100% perfect.  Always proofread your content before posting so you can avoid publishing sloppy work; however, overanalyzing each post could deter you from the urge to write and waste time.

Strive to do your best work, learn from your experiences, ask for feedback and then use those suggestions to continue your journey to becoming a better blogger.

All in all — check you facts, do your research, commit the time and effort to growing your blog and take advantage of the fact that more people are joining the blogging community than ever before.