How would you define doula and their role in child birth?

The role of doula is extremely challenging as they provide both emotional and physical support to the pregnant mothers. They are not considered as medical professionals but they have the knowledge about pregnancy and the entire process of child birth. They are certified by approved institutions after attending their training programs.

What is their role?

The best way to define doula is by making a list of their role that they play in serving the specific requirements of the expecting mothers. They also take care of the mothers after child birth if required.

  • The birth doulas take constant care of the mother during the time of labor pain.
  • The antepartam doulas are the ones who give full support especially when the mother is advised for complete bed rest. This will prevent preterm labor. Since the mother is unable to move and do the household work, the doulas help in the household tasks and take care of other children if any.
  • The postpartum doulas support the new mothers at least for first few weeks after the child birth. This is the period when the mother need complete care. They help the mothers with feeding the baby and other household tasks.

Why to choose doula?

  • The doula is as very important as they play a vital role in positive child birth. You can define doula as a person who believes coaching the mother in all the aspects of child birth. The dad is therefore free to concentrate on their job only.
  • The women also prefer doula as they experience shorter labors. The mothers also can go through less pain medication and over all a positive child birth.

The doulas on the whole are very supportive and do all the things that are actually required during child birth. They create an n encouraging environment to the mother to fight all the fears regarding child birth.