Impacts of Catastrophic Injuries on Victims and their Families

Catastrophic injuries can cause long-term pain and mobility problems. And those who sustain them may require medical care for the rest of their life. But, these injuries also affect the victim’s family and loved ones. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a serious accident, Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys can help. You can contact them to learn more about your legal options.  Here’s how catastrophic injuries affect the victim’s family:

Physically and Mentally

Catastrophic injuries usually result in lifelong problems including pain that medications cannot alleviate and limited mobility that requires the use of walking aids or caregivers. With some injuries, victims may have to suffer from a fatal illness. This kind of stress combined with the thought of a life changed forever will push any victim into serious mental health problems. 

The stress that comes with catastrophic injuries can also plague families. Family members are usually the main caregiver of the sufferer. Thus, they should help the victim get up, carry out activities of daily living, and complete their physical and occupational therapy tasks. As the caregiver struggles to meet their own needs while focusing on their loved one’s needs, their mental health can be impacted.


Catastrophic injuries can cause a sudden change in the relationship between the accident victim and their family members. This change can lead to long-lasting emotional pain and suffering. For instance, if a dedicated husband or father suddenly loses his income because of an accident, they may suffer emotionally. Also, the change can leave family members emotionally drained. Without a clear indication of when the family can recover from the ordeal, family members may feel they may fail. 


Even if the accident victim is not the main provider of the family, the sudden loss of their contributions to the family can lead to serious financial stress. Plus, families may have to deal with property damage and medical bills that may continue to pile up if the victim needs physical therapy, mobility aids, and other therapies.