Important Things to Consider in Landscape Design in Utah

Whether you are looking to completely custom redesign your Utah landscape or solely making a few changes, there are some important factors to take into consideration before you start planting. Although many individuals head straight to a local garden supply store to browse options, constructing a plan beforehand will help you best choose plants that will best suit your needs and allow your landscape design to thrive.

The first thing to think about when choosing your landscape design is knowing your yard. Considering your regional climate, topography, and soil type are vital if you want your yard to thrive. Particular areas of your yard due to specific conditions are likely to create microclimates based on water drainage and sun and shade exposure factors. You will want to plant vegetation accordingly and keep water movement away from your home and other parts of your yard.

Another factor that you want to consider when designing your Utah landscape is, who will be using your yard? Do you have children or pets? Are you hoping to use your yard for entertaining? Each of these can call for a different design and layout and will require strategic plantings and hardscapes. Elements like walkways can help move people from one area to another and link spaces allowing your guests, children, or pets to explore.

Consider thinking about a theme when planning your landscape design. A theme can unify your Utah yard and help assist in your plant and material selection. Themes can be simple by using consistent shapes or forms throughout the landscape, or the design can have a more complex feel like when creating relaxation or Oriental garden. To help select a theme, look to the architecture of your home. Try complementing your home’s lines and style in your yard as it is just an extension of your house.

Early in the planning process of your Utah landscape design, consider how your plants will function. Plants can be used in various ways; they can provide fresh and delicious produce, shade, or elegant scenery, even lovely aromas that can bring you peace and tranquility. Vegetation can also be used as a way to define barriers to signify where your yard ends, or add privacy by blocking views or access into your home or a particular area.

One of the last things you will want to consider in your Utah landscape design is thinking about the future and how the passage of time will affect it. With plants, you want to think about growth rate, maintenance needs, and mature size. This way, you can appropriately plan to give the plant an appropriate room to grow and provide them optimal conditions to flourish. If you love the sounds of birds chirping in the spring, consider having a water feature in your landscape that will have them return each time the season arrives.

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