Important tips to solve the water leakage problem

Water leakage from the roof of the house is a problem of haunting homeowners, which causes many serious problems, as it may result in environmental problems such as wall rot, infection by bacteria and green algae, in addition to causing home owners to develop serious chest diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, and others. Among the diseases, moreover, the buildings were damaged and perhaps it came to the fall of the wall paint and the collapse of the armed iron. We will review with you through this article the best ways to treat water leakage problems.

Because we know very well that the problem of water leakage from the roof of the house is a serious and serious problem that needs modern methods to solve this problem and eliminate it permanently. We have provided all of our valued customers through this article the easiest way to solve this problem, most notably:

Learn where the water leaks

This is the first step that must be taken to solve the problem of water leakage. It is to identify the location of the leak in the ceiling by searching for water bodies on the roof of the house, especially the high surfaces in the upper floors. They are more vulnerable to heavy rain water or water leaks resulting from water tanks. On the roofs of houses and villas, as well as leakage can be due to sewage pipes or due to a crack in the ceiling from the neighbors that caused water leakage in the roof of the house and this of course is a big burden on the owner of the house that may result from falling paint and roofs and walls, and maybe it comes up Often iron falls The gunman.

Crack treatment

In this step, cleaning of surfaces affected by rotting, bacteria, cracks, and other effects of water leaks on the roof of the house should be done by cleaning the roof with the machine intended to get rid of bacteria, dust, and plankton, and then it can be done using cement materials that fill in the blanks And cracks to work to prevent water leakage in the future. In the event that the roof of the house needs to make a complete shellfish, it can be done with ease using a mixture of cement and sand in equal proportions using the Bero tool used by construction company workers in construction, but it is somewhat a tool intended for owners. Manna Slip or for small areas, then leave the ceiling until completely dry for the next day, and that in the summer, high temperatures work to dry the cement mixture with ease. In the winter, it takes two to three days to make sure the cracks are completely dry completely.

Periodic surface maintenance

The owner of the house must perform regular maintenance of the roofs of the house every period not less than once or twice every year to ensure that there are no leaks on the ceiling and that by squatting on the ceiling with a piece of wood, whether it is a stick or others, but lightly in the case of hearing empty voices in The roof, of course, means that there are water leaks, and that the ceiling needs a remedy for this problem. In the event that the ceiling sound is muted and does not have loud sounds, this means that everything is fine.

Solve the problem of waterproofing from the roof of the house

Sometimes the cause of water leakage from the roof of the house may stem from the interior of the house itself and the result of some problem in the pipes or fittings for plumbing, so how can the customer identify it and address it? This is what we will get to know in the next lines by following the following steps:

  • First of all, it is necessary to know the location of the leak inside the house. Is it because of a broken or cracked one of the pipes and sewage pipes? Or because of a mistake in sewerage installations? And that is by highlighting the ceiling, identifying the location of the holes and tracking them well.
  • In the event that dark places are discovered in green, this means that algae and bacteria rot on the ceiling due to water leakage inside the roofs.
  • Then the place of leakage is well ventilated for a day or two, depending on the area in which the water is located, before taking the necessary measures to solve this problem.
  • Then the putty knife is used to get rid of the effects of falling paint and damaged parts. This method ensures that the surface is completely leveled before treating this problem.
  • Then the glue gun is used to plug holes and cracks, as this method is the easiest for home owners, especially in the event that there is no need to resort to specialized companies or technicians in plumbing.
  • Underwater ceramic leakage can be one of the main reasons that result in serious problems with the roof of the house.

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