Injured in a truck accident in Houston? Hire an attorney now!

Large truck accidents often have devastating consequences. Every year, a huge number of truck accidents are reported in Texas. There are several reasons for such accidents. More often than not, driver error is to be blamed. Truck drivers often have to work for hours with no sleep, which can cause fatigue. Inadequately trained truckers also cause accidents, while some accidents are a result of lack of truck maintenance. Nevertheless, hiring an experienced Houston truck accident attorney for your case is always handy. 

What to do after a truck accident?

First things first, call emergency services. If you are seriously injured, getting medical assistance should be your first priority. Second, take information about the accident. Unless your condition is extremely serious, try taking pictures of the accident site, note down the presence of witnesses, and other things that may come in handy for filing a claim for compensation. If there were other drivers involved in the accident, get their details too. 

Why should you hire an attorney?

Hiring an attorney after your truck accident is not a must, but highly recommended. Keep in mind that insurance companies are not going to be empathetic towards you, because at the end of the day, they are trying to reduce their financial liability. You need someone who can protect your rights and interests. Another big reason to hire a truck accident attorney is to determine fault. In truck accidents, especially those involving 18-wheeler trucks, there are often multiple parties at fault, and it can be hard to establish fault. Having a lawyer by your side is the best way to get the deserved compensation. 

Finding a truck accident attorney

You need an attorney who is experienced at handling claims and lawsuits related to truck accidents. Ensure that they have worked with clients with similar situations and injuries as yours, and the first meeting is always for free. Meet your attorney in person and discuss all circumstances and possibilities. Ask the attorney if they are ready to go to trial, in case the negotiations don’t go through. If needed, ask the attorney for references, or else, just check on Google to find independent and unbiased review of law firms specializing in truck accident claims in Houston. 

Truck accidents can cause injuries that can impact your life ahead. Don’t settle for a compensation that is anything less than what you deserve – contact a truck accident attorney, right away.