Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic situation, a lot of things have changed in everyone’s life, especially in the life of students. As all the students were always familiar only with the traditional schooling methods of learning and due to this ongoing situation schools, colleges have changed their entire teaching system to online platforms. It was definitely very new and a major step in the field of education, but all the schools and colleges have done a remarkable task. A lot of innovative online teaching platforms such as Lido classes are coming up with a very innovative idea to educate kids online. With the help of the education ministry, a lot of schools and colleges are continuing their entire teaching online. A lot of online teaching platforms have appeared in the market, as demand for such platforms rose dramatically.

However, with such rapid usage of the internet, we also cannot turn blind toward the potential risk of using the Internet. Cyberbullying, data breach, and a lot of such kinds of action can have very drastic results, affecting the young ones who are using the internet. In such cases, parents, guardians, teachers as well as the concerning school authorities.

A lot of guidelines and precautions have been released by a lot of authorities such as the Education Ministry, eSecurity, etc. regarding the safety and to-do steps in order to see that your child is using the internet safely.

There are also a few steps that an individual must follow to minimize the potential risk for their kid using the internet. First and foremost you must be aware of all the platforms that your child is using in order to access the online classes. You can do an online risk-assessment test for all such websites. You must have a clear and pre-defined class schedule for your child and the timing for the classes must be reasonable. You must keep your system updated and equipped with the latest version of good anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Communicating with the kid is the most important step in this process you must communicate clearly with the child about internet safety, what is cyberbullying, etc. They should be well aware of such things and must feel comfortable talking about such things if something like this happens to them.

That’s all if you do follow these easy tricks then you are most likely to prevent your kid from any kind of potential Internet threat. You must check out the lido learning pattern and a very creatively designed curriculum, for your child. The curriculum and the teaching methodology devised by them are simply amazing.