Is It Easy To Install Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces?

By now, many homeowners can now attest how advantageous wall mounted electric fires can be. They’re more energy-efficient, safer, more flexible when it comes to size and design — plus, they’re easier to maintain and install.

In this feature, we’re specifically digging deep into the ease-of-installation aspect of a wall mounted electric fire.

Wall Mounted vs. Built-In

Electric fireplaces are typically installed in two ways — wall mounted and recessed or built-in. Though recessed fireplaces give that custom, seamless look, they require an elaborate wiring reworking. Wall mounted electric fires are considered to be easier to install — they can be simply hung on a bracket that comes with the unit you’ve bought. They usually protrude about four to six inches from the wall.

Installation Process

To install wall mounted electric fires, here’s what you need to do.

Prepare the right tools. The basic set for this type of installation typically includes a hammer, a screwdriver, an electric drill, pliers, a measuring tape, a level, and a ladder.

Select the location of the fireplace. The location of your fireplace needs to be near to your power source (you’ll generally need a 15 amp, 120-volt outlet). Also make sure that the location is away from things that can get too hot when exposed to the fireplace’s heat; the area should also have minimal moisture.

Test your fireplace first. Before installation, it’s always recommended to test if your fireplace indeed works (or else, it will be more stressful on your part). Plugin the unit in the right outlet and turn it through the control panel or remote.

Mount the bracket and hang your fireplace. Securely mount the bracket into the wall and use a level to check if it’s evenly placed. There should be a minimum of two wall studs for your bracket to be able to handle your fireplace’s weight. Carefully lift your fireplace and hang it onto the bracket.

When Is A Wall Mounted Electric Fire Ideal?

Though it is generally in your discretion if you’ll install a wall mounted electric fireplace or a recessed one, there are situations where wall mounted ones are the best option for you.

You have a small place or limited floor area. If your residential place has a modest space enough only for a number of fixtures and appliances, wall mounted fireplaces are a great choice. As stated, you only need a wall where your unit can be installed, and it will only protrude four to six inches from it.

You live in a place where the climate is typically warm. To be efficient with their energy use, homes and rental properties located in warm places usually don’t have a central heating system. Instead, they rely on other options like fireplaces. An electric fire that is wall mounted works well in this setting because it takes less effort to install and maintain while giving you warmth whenever you need it.

You are restricted by your rental property’s regulations. If you’re only renting your property, chances are there are regulations that may restrict you from installing built-in appliances like recessed electric fireplaces. The good news is, wall mounted electric fireplaces can offer you the same warmth without requiring you to cut your drywall and rework electrical wirings.