Is It Good to Wear a Nose Pin? What Are the Scientific Reasons?

Women in their lifetime would have had discussions about nose piercing with their peer groups. Yes, this article will give you clarity, as in whether wearing a nose pin is good or bad? Historians have confirmed that this practice dates back to more than 5000 years. You might have also heard that there are scientific reasons attached to it. Well, according to science it is considered to be an alternative medicine apart from being a fashionable product. Let us quickly dive into this interesting topic. 

Historical background to Nose piercing

Nose pin is something that people of all religions, cultures, and descent have been following for one reason or the other. For instance, it is said that the nose piercing of Lord Lakshmi has been mentioned in the Vedas. Likewise, the Mughals during the medieval period contributed to the practice of wearing nose rings which are believed to have been adopted from the Middle Eastern countries. In Christianity, the Old Testament talks about Rebecca, who receives a nose ring from her servant. Interestingly, in ancient times men who had nose piercings were considered to be manly and powerful. 

Scientific reasons for wearing a Nose Pin

  • Promotes Female reproductive health

In some parts of India, women who attain a marriageable age practice the custom of piercing their noses as a ritual dedicated to Goddess Parvathy. The scientific reason is according to Ayurveda, wearing a nose pin makes childbirth an easy process. Piercing especially on the left side of the nostril relieves menstrual cramps, strengthens ovaries, boosts the reproductive health of a woman since it is directly associated with a woman’s reproductive organs. 

  • Prevents Nervous System disorder

It is a common myth that a nose pin can cause nerve damage, but on the contrary, it prevents various nervous disorders and promotes overall health and well-being. The Central nervous system is stimulated by the acupuncture point in the nostril which is considered to be an alternative medicine for nervous disorders.

  • Fixes Respiratory Problems

Apart from being an accessory, a nose pin can help reduce respiratory problems like the common cold. It also helps to regularize breathing by eliminating carbon intake by the body. It is said to cure nasal blocks which increase blood flow to the brain. This in turn increases a person’s energy and concentration.

Nose Piercing is just more than an accessory. Make sure to get your nose pierced by a licensed professional. Nose pins make a woman glow differently by highlighting the face features. Now that there are varieties of nose pin designs available in the market, you get to choose the one that best suits your outfit. Young people across the world, especially professionals, are seen wearing nose jewellery. Wearing a nose pin is said to make a woman emotionally stable. It gives a woman, sense of elegance and grace along with the health benefits. This art of beauty is now gaining importance in western countries as well.