Is it Possible to Get a Cheap Divorce in Alabama?

Divorce is the act of ending a marital union legally. Living separately does not mean that a husband and wife are divorced. They have to file a divorce in court, hire a lawyer, and go for several hearings. If the wife/husband does not sign the divorce papers, the case can go on for years.

Getting a divorce is not as easy as it seems. If there are children involved and the defendant has valuable assets, the case will not come to conclusion anytime soon. This means that divorces can be expensive – the lawyer fee and settlement charges can be high. Hold that thought!

Did you know that divorces are of two types? Here’s an article that will give you a quick insight into what the two types of divorces are and how you can get a cheap divorces in Alabama.

The Types

There are two types of divorces are:

  1. Uncontested
  2. Contested

An uncontested divorce is when the partners mutually agree to take a divorce. There are no disputes and the financial matters and child custody are discussed beforehand. An uncontested divorce is easier and saves the couple from a lot of drama.

A contested divorce can be harsh. One partner wants to get out of the marital union, but the other is not willing to do so.

In such a scenario, the case can go on for years. Please note that contested divorce is very expensive as well. If the defendant is playing hardball, you might have to offer a higher settlement and even get an expensive lawyer onboard.

What’s the solution?

A contested divorce cannot be expedited unless you speak to your spouse and try to settle the matter. You would have to pay a higher settlement or give child custody to the defendant.

If you are not willing to give in to any of these demands, be prepared to fight the case for a couple of years.

However, an uncontested divorce is the cheapest way to end a marital union.

Since you live in Alabama, it takes $390 for an uncontested divorce without minor children. If minor children are involved, it will take $490.

The price will be higher when high-value assets are present. In case you want no hassle or stress, it is best to hire an efficient lawyer in Alabama and file for an uncontested divorce. They will be able to negotiate and get all the paperwork ready.

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After all, no matter the type of divorce, you would need a professional lawyer who has handled such cases before!