Is It Possible to Return to Work While Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits?

If you sustained injuries while on the job and cannot continue to perform the same kind of work, your workers’ compensation benefits can help you pay your bills, possibly a percentage of the amount you earned before the accident. Because of the sudden change in income, you and your family may struggle to cover your mortgage, groceries, utilities, and other essential expenses.  That is why you may want to consider finding a new job to help make ends meet. But, before you do it, you must consult a tucson workers compensation attorney to understand how this could impact your eligibility for workers’ comp benefits. 

Working While on Workers’ Comp

If you had a second job before the accident, you may continue to work there or take another job while you collect workers’ comp benefits, as long as the job does not aggravate your injuries. For most people, it is best to take a sedentary job such as processing paperwork in an office or answering customer service phone calls. While working, you can still be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. But, the insurance company will adjust your benefits to take your extra income into consideration. 

It is important to keep in mind that taking a new job that you cannot do or one that is physically demanding, you may be accused of fraud and may have need to pay a fine or restitution. In fact, you may have to spend time in jail. Getting a new job while on workers’ comp is risky. If you get caught working and not reporting your income, you may face a workers’ comp fraud charge. 

Seeking Professional Help with your Workers’ Comp Case

The workers’ comp process is tricky and difficult to navigate. Because of the varying state laws, a lot of people have misconceptions about how the system works and what they can or cannot do while collecting their benefits. A workers’ comp attorney who is familiar with the laws of your state and has experience handling workers’ comp cases can tell you what you must know and guide you through the process of filing a claim. Also, they can help you appeal the decision if your claim is denied. They will inform you about what to expect when you get caught working while receiving workers’ comp benefits. And if your workers’ comp claim doesn’t account for all your income, they can advise of the proper steps to take.