Know the basic rules if cheating in poker

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Cheating in poker is said to be as old as the game of poker itself. Thus if you are going to have a hand in a game of poker, you need to either be an expert of the game or use some kind of trickery to win the game and have it all. Now when it comes to cheating in poker one must learn two things. First, you need to know how to hide the cheating techniques or cheating devices that you have brought along with you. And secondly, you need to know what type of cheating devices or techniques are suitable for a given game in a given situation and place. Now you may wonder what re the different types of techniques that are available to one who is trying to cheat in poker.

The two major types of cheating techniques in poker

Well when it comes to cheating in poker there are mainly two types of cheating techniques, for better understanding you can term them as the conventional techniques and the advanced technological techniques. The conventional technique includes different types of marked cards. Now these marked cards can be created using different techniques. Like fir example some marked cards can have an etching with a fine knife or some may have some kind of color or pattern differentiation to make them separate from the deck of cards.

On the other hand advanced technological cheating devices include mobile phones, watches, Bluetooth headset, sunglasses, etc. To know more about these devices you can pay a visit to

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Though the technological devices may seem more reliable, it is actually the conventional ones that win you a game. It is because if the fact that in case you are in a casino sliping in with mobiles, Bluetooth headset, watches, etc is much more complicated and hard than using a simple deck if marked cards. Thus it is very necessary that you get the best quality marked cards from the market and the best poker marked cards provider in the market in current times has been They have a wide range of marked cards based on different requirements of the customers.

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Not only cards but technology has also been developed to help in cheating in pokers. Like there are Infrared glasses and contact lenses that help you identify particular cards which are marked with invisible ink from prior to the game. So in case you are interested in getting cheating devices for poker games do visit the official website of as they are the leading provider of poker cheating devices at the moment.