Lab Grown Diamonds Are The Best Alternative To Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have grown in popularity in recent years. Lab grown diamonds are known to be a beautiful alternative to natural diamonds. These are brilliant and also eco-friendly. You are paying for something that looks exactly like a diamond gemstone. While purchasing a lab grown diamond you need to make sure that it has an index of refraction of 2.42. The lab diamonds are cut by hand. Both the lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds should be polished with diamond powder. It makes it look amazing and authentic.


  • The structure

The lab grown diamonds and the natural diamonds are almost the same. They both carry the same molecular structure. The highly qualified gemologist is often not able to differentiate between both without extensive testing.

  • The shape

The lab grown diamonds are bigger in shape. Unlike natural diamonds, scientists are able to create diamonds that are clear and big.

  • Price

The lab grown diamonds are much less expensive than the naturally mined diamonds. The quality of the stone does not vary with the price.

  • Environment friendly

The lab grown diamonds do not harm the environment in its production process. While the natural diamonds leave a harmful effect on the surrounding environment. The lab grown diamonds are created inside the laboratories.

  • The clarity

One can expect more clarity in terms of lab diamonds. The laboratories have managed to refine their techniques to ensure flawless quality of the diamonds.


There are many people who referred to by lab grown diamonds because of its low cost and sustainability. This diamond can be worn on a daily basis and it does not get damaged. It is completely conflict-free eco-friendly. You can also get amazing settings of the lab grown diamond gemstone. It starts from amazing diamond earrings to beautiful pieces of jewelry. It does not matter which kind of material you are using for the jewelry to set the diamond but it looks amazing with sterling silver, 24-carat gold, and platinum.


There is a huge demand for lab grown diamonds in the market. It is because of the high demand of the gemstone, that there are many industries and laboratories being set up to meet the demand of the people. Since it is a great alternative of expensive diamond gemstone, there are many people who are choosing this as a great engagement ring. There are online websites where you can find a good variety of lab created diamond jewelry. You can also avail this gemstone in different colors and patterns.

Best design

All you need to do is choose the best possible design for yourself and purchase the product. It is very important to focus on the quality of the stone before purchasing the diamond. Since it is laboratory-made, you need not worry about the quality and texture of the material. You can also have customized lab grown jewelry according to your own preference. You can also afford a bigger stone if you purchase lab grown diamonds. The quality and the look of the gemstone will make you feel good.