Lab Grown Engagement Rings For Men

A wedding is between two people, usually a bride and a groom. Engagements are special occasions for both of them, an occasion which can change their life and bring new experiences. Living with another person who is compatible and can fill your life with positivity and brightness I probably the best thing that can happen to someone. Then, why let men chose engagement rings for the bride, even they deserve that extra research that goes into choosing an engagement ring. Men are not jewelry lovers like women and this makes lab grown engagement rings the best option available in the market. These rings are made with the utmost care and even people with a metal allergy can flaunt it and be proud of their partner’s choice.

About lab grown diamonds

Lab grown engagement rings are made in laboratories and mostly include moissanite. If you are unaware of it, the first question that might strike you is ‘what is moissanite?’ Moissanite is the newest jewel in the market and is making people go crazy as they are the best option available when it comes to any other metals like gold or diamond. Doctor Henry Moissan, after whom it was named, was the first one to invent it in the year 1893. They are made taking the utmost precautions and do not pose any threat to the environment. Another reason for people choosing a lab grown engagement ring is that they are environment friendly.

Why chose lab grown diamonds?

  • Better than diamonds

Moissanite or lab grown engagement rings are more lustrous, harder, and shinier than diamonds.

  • Environment friendly

Lab grown engagement rings are made in such a manner that they don’t pose any threat to the environment or the wearer, in case he has any metallic allergy. Men hardly wear any jewelry; this makes it difficult to trace any metallic allergy until the wedding day, and you, being the bride doesn’t want that special occasion to be spoiled because the ring you chose is not suitable for your to-be husband.

  • Cheaper

Though it is of much better quality than diamonds and is also environment friendly and best for people with metallic allergy, which made it more acceptable is its price. Being cheaper than diamonds, it has won the hearts of many men and women.

Bow Tie Channel Set Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | 14K White Gold |  1219W14

Why do men wear engagement rings?

Men are not usually seen wearing any piece of jewelry, maybe a simple platinum band at times and that’s it. This makes engagement rings a special piece of jewelry for them. Something they can add to their treasure box. It also gives them the happiness they know that there’s someone at house who is waiting for their return, at the end of the day all that matters is having someone to give a tight hug and some love. The only jewelry is that they’ll wear throughout their life. This special ring calls for lab grown engagement ring. But, many people wonder why men wear engagement jewelry. They may wear it for commitment purposes or just for being a part of the fashion trend, but there are many more reasons. Some of the reasons are:

  • Fashion

Fashion is one of the many reasons that make men wear rings. Just as much as their fiancé, they love to show it off to their boy’s gang. One man explained how engagement rings are seen as a fashion statement in a HuffPost article, “I decided to wear one because why do women get to wear the cool jewelry and we don’t until marriage?” Men’s rings are becoming popular and a must-have when one gets married. This gives men a chance to wear a piece of jewelry on a regular basis without being judged by the world.

  • Commitment

Commitment is the biggest reason why one wears an engagement ring be it men or women. Engagement rings are meant to remind one of the commitments they had made to their partner, the vows they took before they tied the knot, or started a new life in one another’s arms. Getting married is the best part of a person’s life and they love showing it off. The biggest symbol of their marriage is the engagement ring and what can be better than a chemically tested lab grown engagement ring. The world gets to know that the man has been taken and is off the marriage market.

  • Symbol of love

Engagement rings stand as a symbol of love and hope. A symbol to indicate that one is happily married and has someone special in their life. This age-old tradition is still maintained unlike some which are list in this changing world. Engagement rings still hold a special place in both the bride and groom’s life. Wearing one gives the wearer an immense level of happiness that is unmatched to anything that has happened in the past. There was a HuffPost article that spoke about the symbolism of engagement rings “I think this relationship that we’ve poured so much into is something to be proud of and something to be excited about. This is a little symbol of that.”

  • Equality

Equality is what today’s generation believes in. No one is superior to the other and it is rightly proved through the engagement ring that one wears. Both the bride and the groom get an opportunity to buy their partner’s ring, officially the first gift that they are supposed to give. Marriage is considered to be an auspicious occasion, a social ritual that speaks about the bonding of two people who are in love and would like to spend the rest of their life together. This special bonding can only be possible if both the parties are treated equally, then why should the bride be the only one to wear a ring?


Today’s world has changed rapidly and has brought new traditions, new cultures and the most important thing that came with time is the maturity to consider each other as equal, equal partners who does everything equally be it earning money or doing the daily household chores. Those days are gone when men were considered superior and women only had to follow the footsteps of their husbands.