Learning how to lose weight

There can hardly be a few people who have not gone through the roller coaster of losing a few pounds through meticulous efforts and then lose what you have lost in a short time again. It could indeed be frustrating.  Anyone who has engaged in any sort of dieting would have stories to tell you about how hard it is to lose weight and t maintain it that way. It is believed that when you know your body set points which can vary from one individual to another can be helpful in reducing your weight and maintaining it that way.

 Body set point- What is it?

Setpoint theory defines a set point as the weight range at which the body can function optimally. In other words, It is that weight at which the body is programmed to function optimally. Having defined the set point, let us see the role it can play in a weight loss program.  As mentioned earlier, every individual has a definite body set point and the body is constantly striving to reach the set point. when you know your body set point you would be able to achieve weight loss and ensure that you maintain it.

How does body strive to achieve the setpoint?

For example, if you are thinking of increasing your weight, you can achieve it easily by eating more. But, after a certain set point, you would stop gaining weight despite eating the same amount of food. This is because the body would increase the metabolism rate and burn the food that you take in excess fatter, which will prevent weight gain after a certain set point. similarly, when you are reducing food to lose weight, once the range of set point is reached, you would notice that the metabolism would be lowered for the body to adjust itself to withstand the reduction in the food. This means losing weight beyond the setpoint becomes that much more difficult.

How can you change the set point?

Though, it is important to know your body set point is important for you to adopt means that would change the setpoint in order to ensure that the weight gain or loss is continuous till you achieve your goal and it is Permanent as well. The strategies to change the setpoint includes

  • Changing the composition of your diet– if you have been including refined sugar and flours in your diet regularly, cutting it down and going in for a low-carb diet which can lower the insulin levels and reduce your appetite. It would also reduce the tendency of the body to store fat.
  • Ensuring gut health– The intestine has a number of bacteria. The type of bacteria that flourishes in the intestine can influence the body set weight. While sugary foods could boost the growth of bacteria associated with obesity. On the contrary, fermented, fiber-rich and cultured foods would nourish friendly bacteria that would help you in altering the setpoint and reducing the weight.
  • Change the environment- Eating only when you are hungry, and avoiding overeating and eating in order to avoid wastage are considered to be factors that might affect your weight loss program. When you know your body set point and wish to alter it, it is important that you eat when you want and not because others are eating at the said point of time.
  • Attempt for weight loss at a slower pace– Instead of trying to lose more pounds in a short time, your body is likely to strive or fight back more to reach the set point. gradual weight loss would ensure that the metabolic backlash triggered to get to the setpoint is not pronounced.

Know your body set point and try to alter it to internalize healthy habits that would help you maintain a new slimmer you.