Logistics Boxes and Wooden Crates

Whether you’re an industrialist with integrated logistics, a logistician, or a packer, wooden crates are becoming increasingly important for packaging high-value, heavy-load, high-volume, or even fragile products.

Discover all of the benefits of the specially built wooden crates

Custom-made wooden crates: necessary logistics packing.

Wood is becoming a more popular material for logistics packaging.

Why? The following are some advantages to creating your own custom-made wooden crates:

At the same time, it is a strong and light wood

The wooden crates are shock resistant and transport replacement parts, components, and other fragile products in total safety. Furthermore, they are frequently suggested (if not required) when sending and exporting commodities. Wood is an excellent material for balancing resistance and lightweight.

An insulating substance

Wood is a material that can withstand high temperatures (cold or heat). The crates are also moisture resistant due to their dry and solid wood.

A format that is easily configurable

Create formats for all of your parts rapidly! It is a “modular” material that adjusts easily to size and shape limitations.

Manufacturing time is short

Wood is a common building material. This enables us to rapidly and consistently supply the logistical services of businesses, logisticians, and packers.

Crates that are removable and reusable

Wooden crates may be simply disassembled to save storage space. Unlike other types of packaging, such as cardboard, you can reuse your wooden crates at any time.

Boxes: the custom-designed wooden boxes

Technical box, export box, huge box, ckd box, cbm box: designing wooden boxes requires a high level of expertise in order to meet all of the requirements and limits.

Professionals develop packaging in many elements to better protect the parts and decrease the risk of damage:

The outside wood casing is designed to withstand impact.

Interior fittings for shock absorption and humidity protection (polystyrene, polyethylene foam, polyurethane, etc.) Even cardboard will suffice (single, double or triple groove)

Markings on the outside to alert you to the fragility of the contents inside the wood shipping crates.

The closing, folding, and dismantling system

You don’t have any requirements? Just the product’s qualities and the location of destination? The team of professionals will assess your requirements and provide you with a solution that is unique to you.

The advantages of hiring a specialist in wooden crates for export

A single-use wooden crate’s design and ordering should be left to a professional. If it is indicated that the acquisition of a tailor-made product following the analysis of your trip project, the resultant benefits are significant. It is also worth noting that the professional will accompany you till the crating and delivery of your items.

To ensure a package that satisfies the regulations, use a professional to make a wooden shipping container. Shipping and air authorities, for example, have criteria for material boats. You will no longer have to be concerned with such technicalities; all you will have to do is place the merchandise (s) into the cage.

If the features of the items allow it, numerous things can be sent in a single box. A specialist will carefully examine your requirements. The stakes can include reducing space, lowering transportation expenses, and so on. It will be easier to ensure the packaging of your parts, machines, products, and so on that will be delivered across borders with the help of a professional.