Looking to Get Away?


It’s easy to wake up and decide that it’s time for a vacation. What’s not so easy is deciding where to go and where to stay. If you are looking for accommodations in the Springdale, Utah area, you can close out your other tabs and continue reading this article. Below you will find out why you should consider booking a lodge on your next getaway.

What’s in Springdale, Utah, you might ask? Well, it’s a quick 4-minute drive to none other than Zion National Park. What better place to get away? Especially during the pandemic, exploring what nature has to offer is the best way to socially distance and stay healthy.

This area has so much to offer. Whether you are a hiker, a photographer, or just a relaxer, everyone has a place at heart here.

Of course, not everyone is cut out for sleeping out in the bush, which is why you should look into getting some accommodations to get a good night’s rest and make your back out there the next day. Staying at a lodge is a perfect choice. This lodge offers canyon view rooms, private balconies and patios, a restaurant, and even a pool! Imagine the possibilities of a vacation like this.

Finding the right accommodations can be hard. Every person is different, and not every person needs or wants the same things. That’s why this lodge gives you a choice.

This lodge provides three great options for rooms. Easily compare rooms and decide what works best for you. Looking for luxury? They got you covered! With amazing views and great access points, if you feel that you deserve the best vacation ever, this is the obvious choice. Aren’t feeling luxurious but still need extra comfort? You guessed it, they have you covered. Of course, if you are looking for that authentic lodge experience but only need your room for the basics, then standard comforts are available.

2020 was a long year. Everyone who has made it is deserving of some great accommodations. If you want to reset in nature and not sacrifice comfort while doing it, then booking with a lodge like this is the way to go. Visit their website today!

Driftwood Lodge provides scenic accommodations in Springdale, Utah. We are located in pristine Southern Utah, give us a call to book a stay at our hotel in Utah.