Merry Christmas from a beautiful Spanish island: A holiday’s escapade to Menorca

It may be about running away from a cold winter during the holidays, or just because a change of environment will be a nice addition for a family gathering, a family trip to Menorca, one of the most mesmerizing destinations in Spain is an idea that any traveler who wants to combine tranquility, beauty and comfort in a single experience should give a try.

As beautiful as any other more crowded destinations, Menorca offers an unique atmosphere of peacefulness and tranquility among all of its destinations at the same time it offers countless of possible activities for every member of the family. Since its popularity for this kind of getaways, Holiday homes in Menorca are to be reserved with some anticipation, thus giving the family the tranquility of having their trip well covered for their desired date.

What to do in Menorca?

Admiring its architectural beauty would be just the peak of the iceberg, as every street of every  town in the island is strongly marked by the medieval style (and very well preserved) structures that can also be found alongside modern places to be enjoyed by the family. Restaurants, Coffee shops and options for the whole family are easily found within Menorca’s main cities.

Its Natural beauty is not to be underestimated. As Menorca is surrounded by crystal clear ocean and over a hundred beautiful white sand beaches, travelers will find plenty of choices to explore and discover every day. Activities such as Kayak tours and dives are very popular amongst tourists that want to explore in depth many of the island’s hidden coves. Biking trips, hiking or just wandering around its wild areas are also some very attractive activities for family trips, than can be done with little to no-money at all. Visits to Menorca’s vineyards are also a “must do” to any family that would like to learn about the traditional ways of the wine-making process that the island is very well known for.

Keeping in mind how important it is to find good places to eat, Menorca’s biggest gastronomic attraction for tourists might be relying on its wide (and absolutely divine) range of seafood. Its island position makes it quite easy to find restaurants where every dish will taste as fresh as the ocean itself. Cuttlefish, mussels, lobster, calamari, and many others with an extensive range of preparations for each customer’s taste are one of the best attractions of this Island’s cuisine.

No matter what each member of the family is into (be it sports, hiking or just enjoying local cuisine), Menorca offers a wide range of activities for each one.