Micronware Products Are Perfects for Any Type of Kitchen You Run

Micronware produces and sell almost any type of container you would need for storage of almost anything. The unique feature of these containers is that they protect against any bacteria and any food stored in these containers will stay fresh longer.

Variety of products

The products include containers and water bottles with Disney character for school lunches. Several stainless still tumblers and water pitcher [เหยือก, which are the term in Thai] that will keep the liquid inside at the temperature you want for up to 12 or more hours.

Known around the world

These products are becoming known around the world and are made with Grade A raw materials. They have been certified in almost every country such as FDA in the United States. When you order these products, they areguaranteed that you will be receiving the best.


This company has been given many awards. This shows the potential and overall efficiency of the organization and they proudly have received such as SME Award, IP Champion as well as others.

Products feature

All their products feature:

  • Best quality plastic and other materials
  • Durable as well as strong
  • Covers to see objects but help protect insects and dust
  • BPA free
  • Lid has a silicone rubber body which helps to prevent water or fluids leaking or spilling
  • Compact size easily stored in a refrigerator
  • Light weight
  • Beautiful and safe for consumption

Restaurant kitchens

They also carry a line of restaurant products. It doesn’t matter if you are a small-but-very busy lunch diner, a cafeteria or run a small catering business, there are products that you will need to keep things in every day and Micronware is the perfect place for you. They have various sizes of mixing bowls, cooking utensils as well as a really sharp knife that can be used for Noodle shop equipment [อุปกรณ์ ร้าน ก๋วยเตี๋ยว, which are the term in Thai].

Try them

So, when you need containers for your kitchen, your child’s school lunch or a restaurant, this is one of the places you should consider.