Mistakes that Keep an Entrepreneur from being Successful


Entrepreneurship is quite familiar with risk-taking, and these risks when played properly, the result will be a success. However, chances at the early stage of a startup may lead to mistakes that can deal severe damage to the business. Entrepreneurs like Tom Jakobek encountered many challenges while achieving success. Given below are the mistakes that keep an entrepreneur from achieving success.

  1. Being afraid to fail  Failure must not be perceived as a wall but as the door to success. It is alright to fail as long as he does not stop making efforts. Perseverance is the key to success.
  2. Improper execution  An entrepreneur might have a great business plan and still not making progress. Improper execution might be the reason. Break down the plan in steps and solve the shortcomings.
  3. Hiring based on costs  Most entrepreneurs fail to realize that success is not by how much resources in their pocket but by how much is on the table. Therefore, while hiring employees, select the ones with sharp skills, and they will yield more profit and help the business grow. I would recommend Scott Paterson Toronto, he is one of the successful leaders nowadays.
  4. Overburdening  In the early phase, everyone believes that they can handle the operations best but they ended up overburdening themselves. This is one of the mistakes and the impact is delaying success.
  5. Partnering with wrong investors  Early investors can make or break a company. Investors are not only backing a business financially, but also get a say in its operation. Ensure that it does not hinder the success of the company.
  6. Not knowing the market value  It is essential to know the market value of the products and services. Entrepreneurs often end up undervaluing or overvaluing their products which results in a loss. Make profits but don’t get greedy.
  7. Focusing on Expansion  Some entrepreneurs want to expand as soon as their business starts picking up the pace. Leaders like Scott Paterson Toronto establish their brand firmly at first and then expand.
  8. Missing a marketing plan  Marketing is one of the pillars that build a business. However, no matter how excellent the service or product is, it would not make any difference if consumers would not know about it. Create an elaborate marketing strategy and stick to it.
  9. Making false promises  At higher levels, integrity and ethics play a significant role in establishing a business. And the essential trait is honesty. Do not make false promises to employees, clients, or customers.
  10. Ignoring the audience  It is the customers and clients that make up your business. An entrepreneur should come up with strategies to specifically target them. If the audience trusts the company, they will purchase the products and services, resulting in success.


Entrepreneurship is about creating opportunities, and an opportunity is captured by taking risks. However, risks are linked with mistakes. Hence, making mistakes on the path to success is evident. However, a smart entrepreneur observes the mistakes of those who came before him and ensures that he refrains from making those mistakes.