Modern Viking Haircut Looks for Rugged Men

Vikings might have existed many years ago, but there is no doubt that they were ahead of their time when it came to hairstyles. They rocked Viking haircut that at that time it was the hottest men’s hairstyle that symbolized men things. This haircut looked fierce but stylish at the same time.

However, one thing you should know before choosing to wear Viking haircuts is that they are not for the faint-hearted. Nevertheless, if you can handle the attention that comes from wearing Viking haircut, then you are welcomed. We have selected all the hottest, and modern Viking hairstyles for rugged men. Here are some styles that will inspire you.

  1. Temple Shave.

Viking haircuts are identified by their elongated and thick locks on the top and back of the head. It may also feature shaved sides. The look is usually eye-catching and personality filled-impression that is suitable for rugged and tough men. To wear this style, just include some modern updates for a more contemporary look. A temple shave is the best way to get a similar edge look like the authentic Viking hairstyle while still keeping a modern look.

  1. Shaved Head and Beard.

This style is quite self-explanatory. It is just as the name suggests. Not all Viking hairstyles involve long hair that can be combed or wrapped into a bun. This style is one of such Viking haircuts. To look great on it, just add a beard and allow it to grow as long as it can. Since you want to rock a Viking style, you need to grow it more prominent and bushier.

  1. Braided Part.

A braided part is a true example of a modern Viking haircut. This is an ideal Viking haircut for stylish guys who need to rock a warrior look without wearing a rough style. The style also looks great when paired with an undercut, and you can choose different ways to style the hair at the top. For instance, you can style it into a pompadour or a comb-over. The braid always keeps the authenticity of the Viking history.

  1. Long Locks and Beard.

Though loose and extended locks create a pretty stylish look, it doesn’t always appear as a Viking haircut. However, to make it appear a little bit jagged and tough, try pairing it with a beard. Moreover, try to maintain it a little bit shaggy and with a lot of texture. You can achieve this using sea salt spray or naturally. The combination of messy hair and beard will help you rock a Viking style.

  1. Mohawk.

You might not know it, but punks and Vikings share many things. Apart from the daring attitude, the two styles share the gentle appreciation of the mohawk. While the men those days might have rocked these haircuts differently, the cut was typically the same. Shaved sides and the visibly elongated strip of locks running from the front to the back. Nowadays, this way of styling hair is still the popular practice among gents.